Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Bimonthly meeting of Rajkot region was held at the office of the PMG Rajkot on 07.02.11 at 15.00 hrs. Now we have started to take important items in writing for creating a record and seeking action and progress report from the administrative side. Off course, in light mood, the officers told to take few less items and we also, in the same mood, sought less pressure on employees by divisional heads in the name of regional office. The meeting was held in peaceful, cordial and encouraging atmosphere. In spite of over burden work and responsibilities of three posts of PMGs, Lt. Col. D.K.S.Chauhan Hon. PMG and also Shri. B.P.Sarangi Hon. D.P.S. contributed full time and opportunity for discussion on all items by representatives of all wings of NFPE. The meeting was attended by Com.S.T.Teraiya Circle President P.IV, Com.Rashmin Purohit C/S P.III, Com. R.S.Malek C/S P.IV, Com.S.K.Vaishnav Asst.C/S P.III, Com.Dave Office bearer of AIPEDE Union etc. Agenda of this meeting shows items taken for discussion. The scanned copy of the same is given here. As soon as a copy with replies will be received, it will also be published. Suggestions from all divisional secretaries are always invited and honoured.

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