Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Four Monthly meeting was held at Committee room of C.O.Ahmedabad on 04.02.2011. Minutes of the meeting is published here. It is requested to provide feed back on each item if any reply recorded by the administration side is found inadequate or incorrect. So far the item regarding problems on account of old systems, nonworking printers, want of AMC/Licensed version of anti virus, non condemnation of outdated hardware etc concerns, the administration side has assured that if any detail given for any particular office, the problem will be settled. If any office is having acute problem about functioning of computer systems and the same is not settled at Divisional level, it is requested to bring to the notice of the Circle union for representation at appropriate level. It is also noticeable that in reply to item regarding provision of fuel expense to System Administrators for local journey, it is replied that the concerned official has to obtain pre or post facto approval of their tour program or projected movement, for reimbursement of fuel expenses as demanded. All S.A.s are requested to get the reimbursement as per this reply by the Circle Administration and if any problem persists, C/S should be consulted. Many members may not be knowing that the number of items to be taken in Four Monthly meeting is restricted to three for each union and therefore we have to write letters on most of the items. However, it is in your hand to keep Circle union running and striving for settlement of various types of problems at divisional level which normally remain unsettled due to communication gap. Circle Administration is also quite affirmative on justified matters but if we expect settlement we have to put up our problems in proper manner i.e. accurate details and feedback before them. Suggestion/ Communication from any member will be appreciated.

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