Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Amreli issue discussed earlier in this corner is not mere struggle against any individual Postmaster or other incumbent. It is a case of real scenario emerging as a result of undue pressure for showing glittering performance in Arrow Project offices in particular. Com.K.B.Barot Ex. C/S also remained present with Com.Rashmin Purohit C/S in the Special meeting. on 01.02.11 at the office of Hon.P.M.G Vadodara. Shri.S.T.Teraiya Circle President P.IV and Org.G/S (CHQ), Shri.M.P.Mangrolia D/S AIPEU P.III, K.A.Kanada President PIII, Shri. Gondia D/S P.IV, B.K.Trivedi D/S NUPE, A.J.Pandya President NUPE were also present.

It was discussed with Hon.PMG that it is quite irregular to suppress subordinate staff to pass wrong remarks on undelivered articles or unpaid EMOs just with an intention to show good performance. It was also explained that forcing to make fictitious signature of addressees is also a serious irregularity.

It was very much stimulating to hear words from Hon PMG who said that in any case, we must insist that we reach at the destination of the addressee but it is not at all practicable to expect all of them to be present or receiving their articles. There is nothing wrong if, after all efforts, any article remains undelivered because of genuine reasons.

It is expected that Amreli issue will be settled soon.

We would like to see a circular from R.O. containing instructions to Postmasters and off course, Divisional heads to ensure harmony and exchange of sweet dialogues in the office for any instructions to subordinate staff and to avoid vicious approach.


  1. sir i am working as a postal assistant from vadodara division.i want my transfer from vadodara to mehsana(gujarat).here in vadodara div. there is not response got from the deparatment to get transfer..so please give the information about it..and please help in the transfer order,,

  2. dear,
    please intimate date of application and also send a copy for our reference.
    In case of any abnormal delay, injustice or non response, we will help you.