Monday, March 28, 2011


Circle council meeting was held on 27-3-2011 at Ambawadi pathikasharm, Dakor.

Com. P R Rathod presided over the function. Com. K B Barot, Com. S S Vaishya and Com. R S Malek graced the function by their constructive attendance. the meeting was attended by Divisional Secretaries / presidents of all the divisions of Vadodra Region. most of the circle office bearers were also remain present in the meeting. A special wish was given to R C Wagela Asst. Circle Secretary who successfully comes out of horrible deices of Cancer. the detail about the discussion and decision taken will posted later on. Very important resolution concerning to injustice to the staff of Vadodra Region in the matter of MACP were unanimously adopted. Decision for decisive action by circle union on Amreli issue was also designed in the relevant resolution. C/S invites views, comments and suggestions from members about the proceedings of the meeting. The C/S also records special congratulations to the reception committee, all the members of Kheda Division under the leadership of Com P N Rana President and Com. M K Pandya Divisional Secretary for hosting a very nicely arranged meeting at the wholly place of Dakore. we expect blessings of "Ranchod Raiji " on all of us.

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