Friday, April 1, 2011


Department of Posts Technology Division (51-5/2009- Tech) (For internal Circulation only) Date - 18.3.2011 To, All Chief Postmasters General Sub: Computerisation of Double and Single-handed post offices in current financial year – Usage of SQL Express and Windows – 7 for running Meghdoot software During current Five Year Plan, Technology Division has supplied hardware to 1720 double-handed post offices. In the current year a supply order has also been placed on DGS&D for computerization of single handed offices. The supply of this hardware in current financial year has been done keeping in view the overall plan to computerize and network all the departmental post offices. In this context, an assessment was made not to supply SQL Server and Windows server for these double handed and single handed offices. This was done for building synergy with upcoming Technology Project 2012 which proposes computerization and networking of all post offices and which does not have requirement of a server in post offices. The hardware supplied to these double handed post offices now is pre-loaded with Windows 7 Operating Software. For database management, it has been decided that SQL Express; free software will be utilized. In such post offices, one of the nodes will be utilized as Server. In case of single-handed post offices, the sole available node will be utilized. In the light of the foregoing, the computers so supplied to such double and single handed post offices would be utilized for providing computerized services to public through Meghdoot software and for making officials well-versed with use of computers. On commissioning of integrated central-server based software, this exposure to computers would be useful. Accordingly, CEPT was asked to test the functioning of Meghdoot software on windows 7 and SQL express. This new version of Meghdoot software will be ready with CEPT Mysore to be deployed in double and single handed post offices where hardware has been supplied with windows 7 and where SQL Express freeware will be used for database management. In these post offices, Meghdoot would be utilized for counter, delivery, treasury and other tested modules of application. The Competent authority has desired that all these post offices may also be linked through date extraction tool, separate instruction will be issued by the Project Arrow monitoring group in this regard, which may be awaited Sd/- A. S. Chauhan Director (Tech),18.3.2011

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