Friday, March 25, 2011


In every divisions, members need help for writing explanations, reply to Charge sheets, representation on various service problems and so on. They have to run to professionals also for the purpose who exploits their helplessness.

Members of other unions also come for help from leaders of our union on account of glittering prestige and shining history of assisting employees. It is under consideration to provide such type of assistance under banner of our union and in a well established manner by identifying and nominating one or two outstanding members who have adequate knowledge on service matters/disciplinary proceedings and who are interested to join this new project. We will provide various important books beside set of books of Swamy Publishers to all volunteers who join in this project. They will also receive Swamy News every month and also receive magazines of union/federation regularly. They will be nominee of our union to provide assistance to members in the matter of disciplinary cases and other service matters.

Interested volunteers may please contact us very urgently.

Please also record your suggestions or post comments.


  1. Very Good attempt. go ahead we all are with you
    we have first time seen this type of after joining of com. purohit of Junagadh. Thanks a lot

  2. Com. kindly find here with some important information on the first item of four monthly. while dealing with history sheet of computer system it comes in to notice that 19 system in bhuj ho are more then 6 years old and we have continued to make expences over such sytems. in fact all such sytems should be forwareded for condumnation. moreover an item at divisoinal level regarding re assesment of computer systems is runing but unfortunately system administrators are not responding. A detail mail in this regards is already sent which may helful while discusing the issue in four monthly as well as in up coming bi monthly with Hon'ble PMG Rajkot.........with regards .......