Wednesday, April 13, 2011


A meeting was held with the Office Bearers of All India Postal Administrative Offices Employees Union Gr. 'C'& 'D' at 11.00 hrs on 22.03.2011 under the Chairmanship of Shri S.K. Sinha, Chief General Manager. The following attended the meeting: 1. GM (B) 2. GM (P) 3. Sri Pranab Bhattacharjee, General Secretary 4. Sri S.P. Mukherjee, Vice President, NFPE. 5. Sri S.C. John, Asstt. General Secretary 6. Sri U.S. Chakraborty, Organizing Secretary. 1) The General Secretary pointed out that work had been carried out for Office of DPLI, Kolkata. The work study recommended that there was shortage of staff because of which the work is suffering. However, posts have not been filled in year after year despite the retirement of many officials. Chief General Manager explained to the members of the union that work study had been carried out in 2005 and its findings may not be relevant today as all the operations of PLI/RPLI in the Circles/Regions/Divisions have been computerized and all the data now resides in National Data Centre, instead of in the local server. Further, the earlier system of manual transmission of data is not required in the changed scenario. 2) The Staff Side pointed out that there is proposal to computerize the office of DPLI, Kolkata and there should be impact assessment on this office as a result of computerization. It was explained to the Staff Side that the use of term of computerization of DPLI is a misnomer as DPLI, Kolkata can assess the desired information by logging into the National Data Centre. Hence, no stand alone software is required for the office of DPLI, Kolkata. DPLI shall be provided access to the National Data Centre for extracting the necessary data. 3. CGM explained to Staff Side there is intense competition in the insurance market. Apart from PLI/RPLI and LIC, there are 22 other Insurance Companies which are making significant inroads in to the rural market. There is a need for devising new strategy to meet the competition. Keeping this in view, the role of staff in DPLI, Kolkata needs to be redefined. Suggestions from the Staff Side would be desirable. However, as per requirements, the skill enhancement/retraining would have to be provided to the staff, to the extent as such that staff can be used productively given the competitive market. The meeting ended with vote of thanks to the Chair. Sd/- (A.K.Poddar) GM (P)

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