Friday, May 27, 2011


Dear Comrades,
I have frequently requested for remittance of outstanding quota to Circle Union but there is a poor response. Circle Union started to work from minus balance and due to constant movement of C/S along with other leaders, there is huge expenditure already incurred. You are aware that we conducted two Circle Council Meetings in short period. Routine expenses are also heavy. C/S is under pressure of financial paucity.

Divisions themselves know that their quota is pending so I do not find necessary to publish their names. Be kind enough to let Circle Union run properly and do not handicap financially particularly when each division already gets regular fees from members through concerned Postmasters.

You all are aware, Joint Convention is to be held at Ahmedabad and G/S will stay in Gujarat for two days on our request for conducting staff meetings in all regions. We will try to represent problems like difficulty in the matter of MACP in Vadodara region, embarrassment to staff in fraud cases etc. before competent authorities through our General Secretary.

Circle Union will need some amount for expenditure in connection with this convention as well as tour programs. If any division comes forward to credit advance quota, it will be great help at this juncture.

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