Thursday, May 19, 2011


Chennai P- 4 Comrades Resisted Mckency Reform 3 Days Strike at Chennai G.P.O.
Mckency people visited Chennai GPO and they started giving instructions to the delivery staff. They instructed that the two batch system existing at Chennai GPO for delivery of Registered and Un-Registered articles should be clubbed together and it should be made single batch system. They gave instructions even to the higher level officers to implement their orders. They started threatening staff just like Police .Our Officers simply obeyed them and are helpless
Entire Postmen Staff of Chennai GPO stopped working protesting the intervention and high handedness of Mckency's people. Massive protest demonstration took place in front of Chennai GPO and CPMG Office.
Finally the administration came down and held discussion with the leaders. It was assured that the Mckency's Reform will not be implemented unilaterally and status quo will be restored.
NFPE congratulate the Chennai P-4 Comrades for their Heroic resistance to the Mckency and also for the great victory.

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