Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Governmen of India
Ministry of Defence
(Deptt. Of Ex-Servicemen Welfare)
New Delhi, the 20th /21st  July,2011
Subject: Grant of Ex-servicemen status to Army Postal Service Personnel.
            The undersigned is desired to refer to this Ministry’s OM No. 523/1/2006/D (Res) dated 26.07.2006 on the above subject and to state that as per Order dated 26.03.2010 passed by Hon’ble AFT Chandigarh in connection with TA No. 110 of 2009 (arising out of CWP No 15237/2009) filed by JC-105931 Ex-Sub Atma Sngh & others Vs UOI & others, personnel who were on deputation in Army Postal Service for more than 6(Six) months prior to 14th April 1987 would also be considered as Ex-servicemen with all consequential benefits.
2.         This is in supersession of the O.M. of even number dated 14.07.2011 issued in this regard. The said O.M. dated 14.07.2011 may be treated as cancelled/withdrawn.
3.         This has the approval of the competent authority.
     (Supriyo Mukherjee)
     Under Secretary to the Government of India


  1. Sir, But what above of after 14 Apr 1987 ? those who have served more then 17 years service in APS ? Is it correct? This demoralising and shame ful. Due to such type of order all ex APS pers are facing great difficulties. I am ex APS My Army No is 8371614H Ex Warrant Officer J D Patel. I am fighting for irregular order.

  2. Sir due to such type of orders, DSSA Board Ahmedabad Gujarat is not issuing Identity cards to all ex APS personnel. Hon'ble Armed Forces Tribunal New Delhi case of EX Warrant Officer V M Raval not been implemented by Army authority. This should be treated as contempt of court.

  3. Sir, I talk with ex subedar Atma Singh in this matter he agreed with my grivances and he told me that this anomaly can be solved through Armed Forces Tribunal only. Because the letter regarding Ex Servicemen status has been signed by the authority on 14 Apr 1987. So prior to six months 14 Apr 1987 are treated as ex servicemen and thereafter those who have done service more then 15 years are not taken in to account.

  4. Sir recently DSSA Board has issued Identity card to shri C M Darji Sab only some of our ex APS personnel reported to DSSA Board regarding issue of Identity card but in reply they told that they have taken up case with Army HQ and requested to wait for some time. We all have done more then fifteen years job in APS but Ex servicemen status not given due to above rule. They counting Ex servicemen prior to 6 months from 14 Apr 1987 but what about after 14 Apr 1987 is not understood. This is irregular and not justified. My Army No is 8371614-H Warrant Officer J D Patel. I have done job in APS 17 years & 6 months.

  5. Sir, With due respect, I brought to your kind notice that recently we six personnel of Ex APS met with the Officer In charge of District Soldier Board, Gujarat, Bodakdev, Gaurav Senani Bhavan, Ahmedabad- 52 and requested to issue Identity card on our plea that :-

    (a) Now criteria has been changed and it is very clear that those who have served for more than 15 years in Army in JCO Rank they comes in the category of Ex servicemen. and for Officers 20 years. Armed Forces Tribunal Chandigarh and Armed Forces Tribunal New Delhi have issued orders in the same direction.

    (b) We produced/shown relevant documents and judgement of AFT above.

    In reply they told that they have taken up case with Army HQ and reply is awaited. They are giving evasive reply. Our efforts are continue.

  6. Sir, with due respect I wish to ask Circle Secretary sir as under :-

    (a) As you know very well regarding RTP Case. Govt had imposed ban on recruitment in the year 1983 and maximum personnel who have taken training of PA/SA but they kept under Reserved Training Pool. Resulted some of them got permanent order after lapse of so many years. It was not justified. Is this point brought to the notice of superior authority through your office ?

    (b) If so can I ask you what is further progress of case ?

    A line of favourable reply will boost up moral of employees. Thanking you.

    From : Ex Warrant Officer J D Patel

  7. NFPE, P3 CHQ & R3 CHQ has today jointly filed a case in the CAT Principal Bench Delhi for counting of RTP Service as regular service for all promotions and pensionary benefits. Case registration No. 3647/2013 dated 08.10.2013. Com. S. K. Vyas Ji, Veteran Leader of the Confederation is our Advocate. Hereafter there is no need for filing separate cases by employees.

    Let us hope for the best.

    (M. Krishnan)
    Secretary General

  8. Sir, Now we all RTP candidates are going towards the great victory. It was injustice done by Department to the candidates recruited for clerical post of PA/SA. The candidates were recruited against clear vacancy and paid hourly rate @ Rs 2.75 per hour and treated like daily wages/labour was shameful. So many candidates were living in rented building with their parents/children, really it was merciful. Wish you good luck to all EX RTP candidates.

    Now of late all Union Leaders/members also came forward to deal the case properly. Thanks to all Union Leaders.

    From Ex Warrant Officer Patel