Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A call from heart....

Dear Comrades,
You may see a memorandum given to PMG Rajkot in a bimonthly meeting held on 31st March 2014. We insisted upon permission to all Divisional Secretaries to remain present and provide accurate feedback in the meeting on the spot. It proved to be a very meaningful and fruitful meeting.

I request and call upon all Divisional Secretaries and Circle union office bearers of Vadodara region as well as HQ region to send list of problems and pending issues of their divisions including personal cases. We can study and prepare memorandum and arrange meetings with respective PMG/DPS.

If you remain silent and deal with issues orally, then members will be loosers.

In this month, we need to enroll maximum possible new members. Pl let all staff know about websites of our Federation, CHQ and Circle. Pl show them all publications of our union to know our great and dedicated leaders at all levels. Pl issue circulars in Gujarati language regarding various issues in brief studying our magazines.

Dear Comrades, generation is changed. We can't stand where we are. We need to go ahead and climb new goals in favour of our employees. Please please spare time and take care of the points discussed here.


Brotherly yours ever,

Rashmin Purohit

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