Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A good begining and Divisional Conference of Panchmahal dn at Godhra

Divisional Conference of Panchmahal Dn was held on Sunday 13th April, 2014. 

On one hand it was a painful day on the history of our country as on 13th April 1919,  people of India were shocked by Jaliyawala bag's mass killing at Amritsar.

It was, Mahavir Janma Jayanti on the day of conference which recalls lessons of peace and non violence by life and preachings of Mahavir Swami, 24th and last Jain 'Tirthankar'.

If we look at postal employees of Panchmahal division, it prima facie appears that entire staff is under threat and fear of very harsh and uncertain disciplinary action upon them. There is no local leader from any union who could stand up with courage and confidence to support innocent staff members who are victimized in the name of subsidiary offender and contributory responsibility in a fraud case. All are like sighless and wounded soldiers. Most of the staff were member of NUPE but unfortunately there appears no concrete assistance and help to staff of this division.

We never intend to interfere into administrative process of investigation in a fraud case and cross our limitation as a trade union but, based  on discussions of members held during divisional conference, it primarily appeares that there are premature, discriminating and very harsh action on staff members. The administration is more interested in forcing recovery of big amounts from pockets of staff then holding judicious and immediate investigation. In so many cases, staff was orally put under pressure and fear, forced to credit huge amount voluntarily (!!), amounts were credited and then disciplinary actions were initiated under rule 16. In identical cases where amounts are not credited, disciplinary action under rule 14 have been initiated. 

It becomes a case for study for us to see following details:

How many officials credited what amount voluntarily before issue of charge sheet I.e. disciplinary action and who told them to do so.

How many officials were charge sheeted and what amount of recovery has been imposed upon them and what amount has been recovered so far and what total amount would be finally recovered as a punitive action.

How many claim cases have been settled and pending with the department.

What are allegations and what is punishment in various cases.

As a Circle union we decided to study whole material and turn up with all possible help and assistance to innocent staff. Union has never supported any culprits and ill doers. But it will be our responsibility to help innocent employees of this division who looks forward in search of any help like a thusrty man searches a drop of water from sand in desert.

It was pleasant to meet Senior comrade. Hassan who is the only source of help and guidance in this division.

Com.M.G.Dulera Circle F.S. and Com. M.K.Pandya DS Kheda & Circle office bearers also attended the conference. Wee look towards many young friends who attended this conference. They are future of trade union movement. We request them to come on and be united to safeguard postal employees against any injustice and victimization.

List of newly elected body will be placed later on here.

We congratulate staff for holding a very meaningful conference. We also greet Com. Bamania for taking constant pains in arranging this event and also very nice kathiyawadi Lunch.

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