Monday, April 7, 2014

Enroll new members before 30 April.

Ministry of Communication and Information Technology
Department of Posts
SR Section
Name of the Office:
Letter of authorization
(Designation of Divisional Head)

I,__________________________________________________, (Name and designation) being a member of All India Postal Employees Union-Postman/Group-D hereby authorize deduction of monthly subscription of Rs. _____ per month from my salary starting from the month of ____________ payable on ________________ and authorize its payment to the above mentioned service association.

I hereby certify that I have not submitted authorization in favor of any other Service Association. If the above information is found incorrect, I fully understand that my authorization for the association becomes invalid.

Station: Signature: X_________________________________
Date : Name: _____________________________________


To be filled by the association
It is certified that Shri/Smt/Kum._________________________________________________________ is a member of All India Postal Employees Union-Postman/Group-D.
It is further certified that the above authorization has been signed by Shri/Smt./Kum. ______________________________________________________ in my presence.
       Name (In capital) of
authorized office bearer__________________
Signature: X ________________
Name of the member:________________________
       Divisional Head’s attestation

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