Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Proposal for 50% income of Seventh CPC will be invested in bank capitalisation bonds: ET News

Innovative approach: Government staff’s pay hikes may fund bank capitalisation
NEW DELHI: The government is considering an innovative proposal under which 50% of increased salary of higher-income government staff under the Seventh Pay Commission will be compulsorily invested in bank capitalisation bonds. The proceeds will be used to recapitalise banks without additional pressure on the fiscal.
While this will result in less cash in the hands of higher-income employees, as a sweetener they will get income tax rebate on the amount invested. Those wanting to invest more than 50% to save tax will be allowed to do so. The Bank Recapitalisation Scheme, as this proposal is being called, will be voluntary for employees with lower salaries (those in the Rs 5,200-20,200 bracket) and pensioners.
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