Wednesday, July 6, 2016


FriendZ, don't get irritated.

We are gainers, not loosers.

Our demands are not rejected. Even after rigid approach, Modi govt came out for negotiations.

Negotiations were strong only because strike preparations were strong in every corner of country.

Our united, strong, well arranged, decisive readiness of strike has made our leaders voice stronger and govt had to come to us, calm down and propose a way out.

A committee, as a result of negotiations with all leaders of all CG depts (NJCA) , is not a loly-pup committee. If they do anything which create cheating or breach of promise, ARE WE NOT STRONG ENOUGH TO PRESERVE/SUSTAIN OUR UNITY AND TEMPERAMENT FOR FOUR MONTHS??

I know, we all have done much to create and uphold general mood of masses in our circle Gujarat..we will continue this group and exchange views and news. All unions all leaders of all wings are in this group and 'Youth Power' is active : proactive in the group.

After 4 months we will be similarly strong, united and YรถรนรฑG too...

Rashmin Purohit
Circle Secretary AIPEUIII
& Working President AIPE Union Group 'C' (CHQ)

Thanks to all of you.
Don't spread frustrating or negative views. Be positive.

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