Friday, October 28, 2016

This is cause of our sufferings

From a young member:
Thank you so much sir to raise and forward our voice to the authority.  When department or higher authority understand or agree with second last passage of this letter, surely problems will solve permanently.

My reply:
Until and unless our staff shows unity and readiness for not doing flattering or get afraid of rejecting illegal work like  splitting of accounts or opening fake APY accounts, there can be no improvement. We can give notice for agitation and strike against victimization & non supply of adequate manpower/ computer related equipments but how much of us would follow our call in one voice and one direction?

Many of divisional leaders of various unions need to introspect and access whether they are performing their real role by strong leaderships? Whether each and every act of irregularly, injustice and discrimination is opposed? Whether main leaders work in main office and be in touch with majority of staff? Whether all required items regarding staff problems are taken in writing on letters or agenda in monthly meetings? I am not criticising any individual but we all leaders and members also need a sincere introspection and take corrective measurers. None of us, belonging to any Union, should waste energy in confronting, competing or complaining only. We must build up rock like strong unity, Friends. We must be able to procure 'Trust' of our membership in us. 

 This is cause of our sufferings.

-rashmin purohit.

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