Sunday, March 20, 2011


Circle Secretary has to attend divisions for understanding any problems or stalemate with administration. Our goal is not to struggle and fight out against unlikely situations all the time. Time has totally changed. Our first step has to be in favour of establishing harmony coherence and affirmative atmosphere in every division. We are also supposed to contribute our best ability for extending support to the administration for ensuring high quality of services to public and smooth administration for implementation of various plans and achievement of targets because after all the department has to survive, progress and stand in top.

As and when there is any communication break stuck between local administration and the divisional leaders, our task should be to assemble, discuss and force love, friendliness and transparent relation between them. No one of us is destined to suppress or hurt each other.

In Surendranagar division also, there were some minor gaps in communication with administration which were required to be filled up harmonically. Circle Secretary visited Bhaktinagar Rajkot on 18.03.2011 in connection with a Farewell ceremony or retired employees. Com.P.J.Rana Senior Comrade of Surendranagar division who is also Circle Vice President was also fortunately present at Rajkot. We suggested him to proceed to Surendranagar and accordingly C/S accompanied by Com.S.T.Teraiya Circle President P.IV( also Vice President CHQ N.Delhi), Com.S.K.Vaishnav Asst. C/S and Com.P.J.Rana Circle Vice President visited Surendranagar and met Shri. B.R.Gohil SPO Surendranagar. Com.B.G.Solanki D/S P.III and Com.Devayatbhai a senior leader of GDS Union also joined us.

It was very pleasant to be with Shri.B.R.Gohil SPO who is very co operative, straight forward and plain in what he says. We are touched by his hospitality and constructive approach. Generally there should be no major problems where such officer works. In fact there were no real problems at Surendranagar also and some confusions were prevailing which were cleared and it is in no doubt that Union and Administration in this division will positively support each other and become a top division by achieving various targets.

I convey special thanks to Shri. B.R.Gohil for his lovely nature and positive response given to all of us.

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