Sunday, March 20, 2011


Circle Council meeting of AIPEU P.IV was held at ArogyaDham, Jamnagar on 06.03.2011. C/S attended the meeting which was graced by presence of Com.K.B.Barot Ex.C/S and Com.S.S.Vaishya Ex.Circle Treasurer. Com.S.K.Vaishnav Asst.C/S P.III, Com.S.T.Teraiya Circle President P.IV,Com.R.S.Malek C/S P.IV, Com.Ashaben Joshi C/S AIPEDEU, Com.A.V.Nikola D/S AIPEU Jamnagar and several other leaders were present. The Circle Secretary addressed the meeting and requested all representatives of all wings of NFPE to remain united, struggle united and always support staff/members against any injustice. Com.Barot stated that Jamnagar is his Dixa and Shixa bhumi as he started his lessons from Jamnagar. He recalled memories of old days and struggle of those days. The meeting was quite successful as so many issues concerning to Postman and Group D staff were maturely discussed.

Divisional Conference of AIPEDE Union Jamnagar was held at Kunvarbai Dharmashala on 13.03.2011
C/S visited this conference with Com.S.K.Vaishnav Asst.C/S P.III and com.S.T.Teraiya Circle President P.IV. Com.Bhagiratsinhji Jadeja Vice President (CHQ) and Circle President AIPEDEU was Chief Guest and main speaker of the house. Com.Ashaben Joshi C/S AIPEDEU is also D/S of this division who made excellent arrangements. Leaders of other unions like BSNL also attended this meeting. It was very nice to see so many comrades from P.III attending this house including retired comrades like Com.P.J.Joshi.


From Jamnagar, C/S rushed to Vadodara on 14.03.11 for meeting with Hon.PMG on Amreli issue as well as certain problems in some divisions like Valsad of Vadodara region in connection with MACP where neither previous remarks were upgreaded nor any decision was conveyed to staff and they are devoid of MACP. This will be a difficult issue for Circle union to resolve. We will discuss this issue at the time of CWC/Circle Council meeting at Dakor on 27.03.11. As Hon.PMG had gone to Circle Office, Ahmedabad we had to go there and meet him. It was very lucky that SPO Amreli was also available for attending a meeting. Com.Rashmin Purohit C/S P.III, Shri.R.N.Parmar C/S NAPE III, Com.S.T.Teraiya Circle President P.IV and Com.R.S.Malek C/S P.IV jointly attended this meeting. Friends, C/S looks to a future where other union also leave enmity and positively join us for common problems of out suppressed staff members. A frank, straight forward and healthy discussion was held and details are confidential so not published on this blog.

Meeting with worried innocent staff of Ahmedabad GPO on 15.03.2011:

Met staff who are worried in connection with fraud case of Ahmedabad GPO. Friends, this is the most pitiful condition when we have done nothing wrong but we are in trouble because of our minor lacuna, exaggeration of trust on Agent treating them as close as co workers and off course due to overall poor management of an office. Our union will extend full help, guidance and support to those employees who have not indulged in to any intentional malpractice and who are sufferers only because of unintentional errors. We know that there are so many mysteries in the pot of Ahmedabad GPO as earlier stated in this blog. Pot is not broken but some cracks are there and certain things are spreading. we are interested to protect our innocent staff.

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