Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Circle union has now commenced trade union movement against exploitation of postal employees due to worst function of finacle & Mc camish

Dear Comrades,
We have started trade Union action against exploitation of our employees due to worst functioning of Finacle & Mc Camish. 

All Divisional Secretaries are directed to write a letter to their SSP/SP/CPM/Sr.PM as under:

............Division, .........
No. P3/Arrgt of work/2016. Dtd.   /03/2016

The Sr./Supdt of POs

Taking responsibility and making arrangement for huge SB work at most of the POs.

Respected Sir,
Namaskar. You are aware of following two facts:

1. There is huge work of attending transactions of customers and opening of various types of accounts etc up to 31st March 2016. Most of the offices are kept working by our staff till late nights and administration has not offered O.T.A. or even compensatory off also. The flow of work will be increased and become unmanageable for the staff.

2. The Server remains down at pick hours and due to very poor and broken Net Connectivity our staff is not able to run the work in Finacle. Similar is the position of Mc Camish. How is it possible to complete work in POs?

Staff side requests to immediately review the situation and instruct all post offices, in quite clear language, whether they should accept all type of work being received on counters or through Agents? Secondly it is big question to decide who will be responsible if transactions accepted are not materialised on last day of March?

There is no surity of worth working of Server/Software/Network. In this situation whether you are agree to grant compensatory Off to concerned staff if they have to sit till late hours?

Please review, decide and issue instructions to all staff as deemed fit.

Expecting urgent response,

Yours Sincerely

Divisional Secretary
AIPE Union,
...............Dn. ........

Copy for information & necessary action to:

1. Rashmin Purohit CS P3 PSD Ahmedabad
2. AAllPM/SPMs ..............Dn.

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