Thursday, June 30, 2016

All Divisional Secretaries must put 100% involvement and send brief details to Circle union regarding preparations for the Indefinite Strike from 6th July

Now is the time for All Divisional Secretaries and/or other  Leaders to come forward and confirm and make commitment that there will be 100% strike in their divisions right from beginning from 6am 11th July 2016. Get such commitments from each and every staff member connected on wall of one or other social media.

All may also give brief note regarding their preparations, circulars issued to members, divisional Executive committee meetings and staff meetings held and other relevant movements.

If any divisional secretary is not using android phone or using Internet, whatsapp, fb etc members should insist him to immediately start using it and in the meantime any one of other leaders should establish direct connection with Circle Secretary.

There will be no circulars from Circle union. Everything is available on our websites and other modes. No excuses. No laxity. Don't keep merely watching. Come forward and start to speak strongly to make our indefinite strike fully successful. 

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