Friday, March 4, 2011


Circle Secretary is new to this vital position carrying so many responsibilities. After a long spell of 23 years there is change and I perceive that members are also testing my aptitude, exertion and sensitivity and Divisional Secretaries keep me constantly running and working. I feel grace of God beyond words because, after yearning for several years, I have got a great opportunity to contribute some portion of my life for humble service to the postal employees of Gujarat Circle.

There was a need to communicate with Executive Committee Members of Kachchh division and to have a meeting with Shri.N.R.Khoja SPO who is quite co operative to staff and being an officer belonging to Kachchh itself, he knows well how to take care of this division. Com. Mihir Gandhi a young and dynamic Divisional Secretary has now become sufficiently matured too! He had sweetly forced Circle Secretary to attend Monthly meeting of the division and accordingly C/S had to rush there. It was nice that we could also meet S/Shri.G.R.Bhanani ASP, N.D.Chavda PM and V.B.Maheshwari CI who all are our best friends and personally known since years togather.

New candidates for recruitment were also under training here and we could have ten minutes time for conversation with them also. We well come all of them.

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