Friday, March 4, 2011


In CWC meetings a huge group of representatives comes from all over the circle and big halls are packed. No doubt such meetings as per constitutional requirement will be held as and when necessary but the Circle Secretary and some other senior leaders are of the opinion that it may provide better chance and more time to discuss items of each divisions if CWC of only regional level is held atleast once in an year. For implementing and testing this proposal, CWC meeting of Vadodara region is scheduled to be held at Dakor on 27.03.2011 in which only Divisional President and Secretary will attend with complete details of items they propose to be taken by Circle Union. More over there will be sufficient time for discussion on problems of each divisions of the region and an agenda for next bi monthly meetings will also be prepared on the spot. Agenda of Divisional union will also be prepared in the meeting and Circle union will keep close watch on progress of items. Further details about said CWC meeting at Dakor will be published shortly and notice will also be issued in due course. Comrades, you must write letters, take items in monthly meetings and be alert on them. Live contact of all staff, Review of proper functioning of Computer systems and printers, Visits of offices and colonies will provide sufficient inputs. Be more active. These things are insisted upon us in Study camps held by Federation.

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