Friday, March 4, 2011


Off course, transfer and postings are purely administrative function in which, normally, unions may not interfere but sometimes when there is prima facie feeling of distress and resentment, we have to effectively place our case before competent authority for re-evaluation.

Com.S.M.Patel, our Divisional Secretary at Vadodara is also Asst. Circle Secretary and he is always immeasurably co operative to the administration in various important matters but unfortunately he was unpredictably and shockingly transferred from Alkapauri P.O. where he had worked for few months only and not due for such a sudden transfer.

This incident had caused upset and displeasure amongst our members in Vadodara region because Com.S.M.Patel effectively attends all union matters at regional level and he is one amongst few most dedicated leaders in our organization.

In the previous bimonthly meeting of Vadodara Region, we made a representation before Lt.Col.D.K.S.Chauhan Hon.PMG Vadodara for review of the transfer case of Com.S.M.Patel. I don’t make any exaggeration if I say that we are always sure that Lt.Col.D.K.S.Chauhan Hon.PMG definitely does transparent justice in every matter and as such we also never feel uncomfortable even if his decision is in not in favour of our demand. Hon.PMG has reconsidered the case and issued instructions. Now, SSPOs has issued orders and Com.Subhash Patel will be back to his original office, Alkapuri PO.

We express our esteemed gratitude to Hon.PMG and also the SSPOs for imparting judicious decision. We assure co operation and constructive posture from our union in various aspects. We also congratulate Com. Shubash Patel at this juncture.

Good days are returned in Vadodara region. Benefits of MACP are also soon to come to you all. There is some delay or hurdles in some divisions like valsad but it is hoped that all cases would be cleared before end of this month.


  1. Congratulate Mr. Patel

  2. com. circle secretary weldone. this kind of shelter that a divisional secretary requires to carry out their responsibility .....go head com. we are with you.....