Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Lok Nayak Bhawan, New Delhi
Dated the 14th February, 2011


Sub: Non-relieving of CCS officers under transfer on Rotational Transferor on Promotion-Reg.

This has reference to the notification No. 1/8/09-CS.I (P) dated 17.9.2010 amending Rule 19 of CCS Rules 2009 prescribing the time limit of 45 days within which CCS officers under transfer, either on Rotational Transfer or on promotion ,must be relieved of their duties in their present Ministries/Departments. It was also laid down in the CCS (Amendment) Rules 2010 that if an officer is not relieved with in forty-five days or such further period as referred to in Sub-rule (1), the officer shall be 'deemed' to have been relieved by the cadre-unit in which he is working and thereafter the officer shall not be entitled to draw any salary and allowances for the period of such overstay from the cadre unit from where the cadre officer was transferred.
2. It is noticed that some of the Ministries/Departments are not complying with the provision of the amended Rule 19 of CSS of 2010 on the pretext that references have been made by them to this Department against the transfer orders.
3. While every efforts is made to immediately reply to the aforesaid references against transfers, it is sometimes not possible to do so due to a large number of such references being received in DOP&T.
4. Mere references being made to DOP&T against such transfer/promotion orders by some cadre units cannot be taken as a plea for non-implementation of DOP&Ts orders within the prescribed limit .It is, therefore, once again reiterated that in case a reply from this Department, extending the time limit for relieving of the Officer is not received, the Ministries. Departments must relieve of the concerned officers within the original time limit.
5. This may please be noted for strict compliance by all Ministries/Departments.
6. This issues with the approval of Secretary (P).
Director (CS.1)
Tel. No. 24629411

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