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Review of the Speed Post Hubs introduction w.e.f. 03.11.2010.

No. PF-16 /2011 Dated: 25th January, 2011


Ms. Radhika Doraiswamy
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan New Delhi – 110001

Sub: Review of the Speed Post Hubs introduction w.e.f. 03.11.2010.


1. We are constrained to bring the following facts to your immediate attention ,as otherwise ,we will be failing in our duties towards the Department and also to the general public at large.

2. The Mckensy recommended Speed Post Hub System was introduced allover the country with effect from 03.11.2010. In the initial stage we have not raised any objection to the Scheme, as it will be premature on our part to oppose a scheme ,which the Department claimed is introduced to improve the transmission and delivery of Speed Post articles, even though we had our own apprehension about the workability and success of the Scheme.

3. Speed Post is a premium service of the Department of Posts and this is the only service where we feel proud by its delivery in time and also the only service which is earning increased profit year by year. But the creation of NSPC hubs are putting hurdles on its delivery in time. Delay in delivery of the Speed Post articles will definitely shake and erode the confidence of the public in this premium products.

4. Now that almost three(3) months have elapsed since the introduction of the of the hub system ,it is high time that we undertake a balanced and unbiased view at the ground level realities based on which an urgent review of the entire scheme is to be conducted without much loss of time to rectify the defects cropped up or to roll back the entire system.

5. We feel that the scheme was introduced without much homework in a mechanical manner and also without taking into account the geographical position of each district of our country. We are furnishing a few examples in Annexure-I to show that the scheme is introduced in a stereotype manner in every Circle, totally ignoring the realities at ground level. As per the latest mail arrangement all Speed Post articles posted at Post Offices be routed to the concerned NSPC hub via RMS Offices. The Hub is situated at far off distance, wherein the Speed Post articles will be sorted, processed and dispatched to the concerned NSPC Hub/Destination passing through many states. It has been causing precious wastage of time, money and manpower due to the unnecessary double handling of mails, duplication of work resulting in avoidable physical transmission of mails causing delay in dispatch and delivery of Speed Post articles. This has become a death blow to the very concept of Speed Post as even the Speed Post letters meant for delivery within the district will reach the destination after 2-3 days.


6. As hundreds of articles will be received at the Speed Post hub, the required additional manpower is met by transferring staff from RMS units to hub centre. The Staff working at hub centre are denied leave and forced to perform OTA duty . Other RMS Offices are facing acute shortage of manpower as the staff are transferred to Hub Centre. The PMG NK Region in Karnataka Circle has issued orders for closure of SRO Dharwad and transferred the staff to find out manpower for other centres.

7. Even though the administration control of most of the Speed Post hubs is under the RMS Superintendents, in a few cases in each Circle, the administrative control is vested with Postal Superintendents. As RMS staff are utilized for the processing and sorting work at hubs, the administrative control of all the hubs may be transferred to RMS Superintendents.

8. In view of the above facts and also the ground level realities furnished in the Annexure-I ,we request you to review the whole scheme and to take urgent remedial measures to rectify the defects or for complete roll back of the Scheme.

A line of reply from your end will be highly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

(M. Krishnan)
Secretary General ,NFPE

(K.V. Sridharan) (Giri Raj Singh)
General Secretary ,P-3 General Secretary R-3

(Ishwar Singh Dabas) (P Suresh)
General Secretary P-4 General Secretary R-4


1. A Speed Post letter posted in a remote Maluad Village in Chickmagalur District in Karnataka meant for delivery within the same District, at the first instance should be dispatched to Birur RMS, from where it will be transmitted to NSPC Davanagere Hub in Rani Chennamma Express Train in the midnight. After the sorting and processing in the hub it will be routed back to Birur RMS on the next day an then it will be dispatched to concerned Post office for final disposal to the addressee .Similarly a Sped Post letter Posted at Hassan City meant for delivery within Hassan City will be routed to NSPC Hub Mysore where it will be subjected to sorting and processing. Subsequently NSPC Mysore includes the letter in a direct bag to Hassan HPO and the bag will be transported to Hassan HPO for final disposal to the addressee. Same is the case with Speed Post articles posted at Important District headquarters meant for delivery in the same cities. Minimum 2-3 days delays are occurred even for the same city delivery.

2. Six NSPC Hubs have been opened in Andhra Pradesh Circle with the opening of these hubs now Speed Post articles are being delivered within D+1 .The junction office of Guntakal has been omitted while identifying hubs. In Tamil Nadu Circle ten NSPC hubs and six Intra-Circle hubs are introduced .In regard to SPC Tiruchi Hub into one Centre from Myladuthurai to Karaikudi. This will result in back routing of mails and it will further cause inordinate delay. In the case of Bihar Circle, the important Centre, Gaya ,is omitted .In West Bengal Circle, Burdwan has identified instead of Asansol.

3. The above only a few examples and in every Circle the picture is the same.

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