Friday, October 22, 2010


Circle Union has no fund to function. All Divisional Secretaries are requested to calculate their outstanding quota and remit within two weeks, failing which Circle representative would visit division concerned to collect outstanding quota at the cost of defaulting division.

Due @Rs.2 April to June 09 and

@ Rs.8 per member July 09 to March 10

Due @Rs.8 per member per month from April 10 to Sept 10 six months

No division has remitted adequate quota for year ending March 2010 and No division except Valsad came forward to credit outstanding quota at Ambaji Circle Council Meeting. Circle Union has no money and it is difficult to function in such situation. All are requested to seriously notice this situation and remit due amounts in next two weeks.

All are aware, AIC will be held in January 2011. It is very important that divisions clear quota for CHQ and Federation as per notices already issued by CHQ. Why divisions avoid due remittance for long periods and create bad impression of our circle. Ultimately all will have to clear due quota of Circle and CHQ as well as Federation. Then why not today? Please understand seriousness and respond positively.