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Request for immediately taking up issue of practical difficulties in receiving fee payments from applicants for selection and engagement in GDS

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Respected sir,
Namaskar. As provided in Directorate letter No. 17-23/2016-GDS dated 17-03-2017 and relevant guidelines,fee payments from applicants for selection and engagement in GDS has to be received only at Head Post Offices and that too in a Fee Collection Module created for the purpose in online portal only. At the end of day, the counter PA has to enter bulk entry of total fee collected and number of transactions made in ePayment module for the purpose of reconciliation of amount collected and credited.

In practical implementation and execution of the above stated procedure there is unmanageable difficulties to staff and also to applicants who has to come to HO from long distance. The entire process depend on appropriate and uninterrupted net connectivity but there is off and on or low network connectivity which results into difficulties, irritation in queues and avoidable hardships to postal officials and applicants. As there is only one used ID and password, work has to be done on one counter only. There are big queues on counters from yesterday 17th April. As the portal concerned could not be connectible on 17th, the first day, huge number of candidates coming from 100-200 km distance at HOs had to go back and come again. This will be repeated and hardships will continue.

If the fee receiving in ePayments would be allowed at each S.O. it could be quite comfortable to all concerned. Mostly rural people has to travel too much and come in big queue at HO. 

This procedure may be reviewed from all angles and aspects with a view to enable unemployed aspirants to deposit their fees at their nearest POs and avoiding hardships at HO also.

I hope, heads of circle would also call for details from HOs and take up issue with Dte . with factual report and valuable suggestions.

It is requested to take up matter with appropriate authority without delay urging immediate review and revision.

With regards

Yours sincerely

Rashmin Purohit 
CS AIPE Union Group C

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