Thursday, April 14, 2011


There were so many telephone calls, representation and request by some of the members of Mahesana Division and some other employee to come to Mahesana, seat together and have a healthy discussion on organizational matter.
On request by the Circle Secretary, the Divisional Secretary of the Mahesana Division has now arranged for a meeting at “ GAYATRI MANDIR “, at : LAKHVAD, Gandhinagar Road Mahesana from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Some of the circle union leader will also attend this meeting. The meeting will be opened for all the members of AIPEU besides the executive committee members of Mahesana Division. Few staff members have also been invited to attend the meeting subject to peaceful participation.


We had a very pleasant pride while publishing an earlier post on this Blog regarding shining starts of Gujarat Postal Circle. Table Tennis team of Gujarat Circle had participated in the All India Postal Table Tennis meet held at Kurukshetra in February 2011. It was a great moment of honour when our team reached to the top of the competition and achieved victory upon all over the contestant and become champion in this National level contest.

As a responsible union earlier we recorded our greetings to them and we were anticipating that administration will also call all of them together, greet appreciate and boost their energy by awarding at least with a letter of appreciation to these shining stars.

It is very unfortunate to know that instead of appreciation few of them are delivered a notice by the administration to remain present before Director of Postal Training Centre Vadodra to plead against miss conduct and misbehavior. No one of them has been given any details regarding so-called misconduct or misbehavior.

Since sportsmen / women of Gujarat Circle were dedicated to the game only and they have became champion. Nothing uncommon had happened. There has been no instant of any dispute or given hot dialogue with any by any one. But it is very confusing that they are given such notice.

The Sportsmen are expert in playing game on the play ground only but here it is assumed that some body is expert in playing game out side the play ground against them and our sportsmen are not accustomed to play out such games.

Concerned Sportsmen had brought these facts to the notice of our union and we have promised them to represent the matter to Shri Riju Ganguli Hon’ble Director Postal Service who is an impartial officer who would certainly understand the spirit of sportsmen and understand the reality in the matter. We are sure he will find out what is the game played by some one out side the play ground and he will be the best referee.

We again congratulate to our shining stars for the grand success and request them not to be confused and keep their sportsmen spirit at high level. They should never indulge in any activity which is not conforming up-liftmen of their potentials.