Friday, April 17, 2015

CS SBCO submits suggestions for new set up of SBCO in Finacle software.

(Federated with the “National Federation of Postal Employees”)

H.Q of Gujarat Circle,
6, Chanakya Tenament, Momai Krupa, Near Shree Nathdwara Park, Railnagar-2
RAJKOT-360 001   Mb no.094262 45285  email
NO. 08/AIPSBCOEA/Guj/2015                       Date: 15-04-2015

Com. S P Kulkarni Sir,
All India Postal SBCO Emp. Assn.
Kolhapur HO

Subject :
Suggestion for new setup of SBCO in FINACLE Software.

Respected Comrade,
Following Suggestion are sent to inclusion in FINACLE Software
% checking of voucher for all categories as per Selection, report may prepared and  be print.
Monthly report for all categories as VSBCO.
Periodical Statement ie.. Weekly, fortnight, monthly, quarterly and yearly. For PM, DO, RO, AOICO, and CO.
Maintenance of office wise register for day today, monthly and all offices in his jurisdiction.
Provision of Account number, Amount of Depo. Wdl. And Interest rectification to be modify by Supervisor SBCO`s password
To Include Agents commission bills paid verification in FINACLE.
To display Minus A/cs list for all categories.
Office wise agreement as per control procedure and his discrepancy report.
To see ledger copy of all categories to verify transactions and balance.
Interest calculator for all categories for maturity, premature, and post mature accounts.
Provision for latest updating when any change in ruling by government policy.
Consolidate report for all categories on day to day basis to compare with HO`s cash book with daily New opened, closed, and other deposit withdrawal transaction with previous day progress.
To generate Live accounts reports for all categories for day to day and any period ie.. From to from date.
Category wise Read me file to be provide as per new CBS procedure for SBCO.
Inclusion of omission register with summery ie.. over 1 year, over 6 months, over 3 months and below 3 months.
To see digital Signature of depositor on display when ever necessity at the time of voucher checking  

 [B K Valand]
  Circle Secretary
AIP SBCO Emp.Assn.
Gujrat Circle    
At Gondal HO 360 311      

We addressed heads of Circle and Regional administration regarding strict observance of policy and principles of shifting of officials from administrative offices on completion of tenure. All DS may also address their Dnl Heads citing examples of transfers on paper and continuance of same officials in administrative offices for years together. Soft copy of the letter be endorsed to Circle union.

The serious matter about non observance of policy of tenure and rotation was discussed at length in last four monthly meeting. Previously also it was replied in items of bimonthly meeting if HQ region that instructions have been issued to DHs. But no copy of any instructions was given to staff side despite clear instructions of Hon.CPMG in meetings. It was at all occasion agreed that physical shifting must be done in completion of tenure or on completion of extension of tenure which can be granted by regional PMGs. As agreed and confirmed it is requested to issue instructions to all DS in the natter. Below is copy of email to PMG Vadodara which may be looked in to. In all regions similar disregard to policy of tenure is being done. So many items and letters have been raised but administration side is delaying issue of instructions. Position in many divisions like Patan Jamnagar Vadodara East Vadodara west Bardoli Valsad etc is quite shocking.
Kind action for issue of instructions and care for its implementation is solicited.
With regards
Yours sincerely
Rashmin Purohit

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From: "rashmin dineshchandra purohit"
Sent:Thu, 16 Apr 2015 15:48:21 +0530
To: "sectionsupervisorsta f69 "
Subject: Special meeting with Hon.PMG vadodara
Respected sir,
Namaskar. A letter for bimonthly meeting was sent to me on 7-4-15 but it was wrongly addressed as PA CSD Ahd 380003 instead of OA PSD at CBO, Under Asarwa bridge Ahd 380016 hence did not reach to me in time. 10-11 was Saturday Sunday off and 14th was Holiday. So I received on 15-4-15. Any way, please correct address for future.
Secondly I desire to meet Hon.PMG on any date between 21 to 24 April. Kindly confirm.
The main point of discussion is regarding non observance of principles and policies of rotation and tenure in the region. More over the policy of rotational transfers are tactically bypassed by several divisional heads. No one can be indispensable in this era. Officials completing tenure are transferred to offices in the same building and deputed to divisional offices on the same day. Such transfers only on paper is absolutely against policy of rotation. More over if any staff want extension of tenure, the SP is not empowered and the regional PMG grants permission for extension of tenure for 6 months only but the divisional heads are extending not only six months, they extends full tenure without consulting regional  head also by issuing orders of deputation of same officials in the divisional offices. It is required that all DH may be asked to review particulars of all officials working at present at Divisional offices and list out all those officials who are working since 8 or more years by only break of tenure on papers. All such officials should be shifted to operative offices. Willing and efficient officials should get chance to perform and become masters for future. All officials taken on deputations should be returned back to their parent offices. No official should be continued in the divisional offices beyond tenure and should not be taken back under plea of deputation. We have 75% membership in PA cadre. Most of staff are our own members, we have no personal bias but we have very bitter experiences from all Mr. Indispensables. There were items at circle level also and instructions were also issued but the divisional heads need repeatation of instruction at intervals. The officials working in Divisional offices at Vadodara Bardoli Valsad and all other divisions are senior officials. I have seen in Bardoli dn that so many senior officials having 20-25 years are working at DO since decade by availing tectics and transfer on papers only and in HO and big offices, quite junior officials are managing work. There are no seniors to work as supervisors in even small leave period. Officials with 6-8 months services are deputed as SPMs of heavy working offices with BOs like Kamrej, Subir etc and Senior officials enjoys at DO. It is requested to kindly issue instruction very early and clearly in this matter so that physical shifting of officials is done and all those who are working only by transfer on paper previously are also treated as officials due for transfer and shifted in present rotational transfer.
More we may discuss in person.
With regards
Yours faithfully
Rashmin Purohit

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