Thursday, December 10, 2015


Shri.Haribhai Solanki, father of Com.Dinesh Solanki D.S. AIPEUIII Ahmedabad city dn. passed away on 8-12-15. We convey our condolences and pray Almighty for eternal peace of the holy soul.

Com.Dinesh Solanki Mob No. 9427633033

Attention: all Divisional Secretaties , Circle office bearers and all members

We have to observe one day hunger fast on 11th Dec. as per NFPE directives at all DO/RO/CO levels. At least 5 office bearers may avail CL and sit. Others may join at beginning recess and evening.

Let us hold staff meetings at the evening and inform all staff regarding forthcoming Joint Struggle under NJCA decisions.

Be updated by referring to magazines of our union, websites of all levels and circulars which are sent directly to all Divisional Secretaries by our CHQ.

No need for separate circulars by Circle union. Issue circulars in the divisions. Include information in it regarding items taken up at divisional level and letters written to higher authorities as well as items of the division at Circle union.

Let us all become alert, actice , live, connected with members, free from individual issues, be like a Team at all levels, hold divisional executive meetings at each 3 manths gap, viden our vision, look much ahead for launching struggles in future, update ourselves by latest information of trade union movements, take youth power in confidence and positive towards all directions by higher ups.

All Divisional and Circle office bearers must ensure that our frontlier's position and designations must not be merely ornamental. We must hold staff meetings, represent all genuine issues to local administration, regularly write letters to authorities, issue circulars in each division, be in liaison with Circle union and ensure remittance of Quota to all higher ups as per quota fixed.

We have to activate ourselves and always be prepared to follow directives of Circle union/CHQ/Federation and other higher ups.