Wednesday, July 13, 2011



It is surprising that System Assistants in the Department of Posts are working beyond their capacity to keep 57 Applications [ currently being used by the Department of Posts] running. Our Postmasters and Sub Postmasters deserve appreciation as there are 10 to 25 application softwares being run in each office.

The list of all 57 application softwares is available at

The list is being updated and the above number may increase.

One can imagine the plight of Postmasters, Sub Postmasters and middle level officers Asstt. Supdts. Group 'B'/Supdts. who are not well conversant with ever expanding computer terminology but are executing the policies and programmes of the Department including computerization.

In all probability there is no other Department in India having more than above number of application softwares being operated by its employees.


D.G. Posts No. 25-20/2008-PE.I dated 12th July, 2011.

Please refer to this Directorate's letter of even number dated 04.05.2011 vide which the post of Sorting Postman has been re-designated as Postman and both Postman and Sorting Postman have been given a common generic designation Postman

2. During the meetings of the Staff Federations with the Secretary (Posts), the Federations have raised following issues in connection with the implementation of the ibid order in the fields:
(i) Circles are either abolishing or redeploying the posts of Sorting Postman. Such posts may be restored.
(ii) All the Postman are being put on the job of Beat Sorting at a time.

3. This is wrong interpretation and implementation of the said order of the Directorate. Nowhere in the order is it mentioned that posts of Sorting Postman are either to be abolished or redeployed and all the Postmen are to be put on the Beat Sorting work at a time. In fact, the order is very lucid that post of Sorting Postman is re-designated as Postman. Therefore, such abolished or redeployed posts of Sorting Postman may be restored immediately. The designation of the existing Sorting Postman may not be changed.

4. Further, in the third para of the aforesaid order, it is indicated that concerned Divisional Head or Sr. Postmaster has to work out the exact requirement of Postmen required for Beat Sorting on the basis of the total number un-registered mail received for delivery as per the existing norms. Hence, concerned authorities in the Division to decide the number of Postmen to be put on the Beat Sorting job on the basis of existing norms. Thus, all the postmen are not to be put on the Beat Sorting work at a time. Rather, each one of them should be assigned the said job on turn-by-turn basis while observing the existing norms.

5. Further, the number of postmen deployed for Beat Sorting should be to ensure that Beat Sorting, is completed one hour before the postmen leave for delivery so that necessary documentations and procedural requirement could be completed, which are necessary for carrying out the delivery effectively.

6. It, is therefore, requested to please look into the issue personally and ensure correct and effective implementation of the Directorate's order dated 04.05.2011.

7. It may please be accorded Top Priority.

This issues with the approval of the Competent Authority