Monday, March 21, 2016

Marvelous Biennial Divisional Conference of Rajkot division on Sunday 20th March

Marvelous Joint Biennial Divisional Conference of P3, P4 and GDS (NFPE) wings of Rajkot division was held on Sunday 20th March at a very well decorated and nicely arranged banquet hall at a reputed luxurious hotel. The real declaration of the program was more in presence of many retired and senior leaders of our federation. Com. K.B.Barot Ex.CS P3, Com. R. S. Malek Ex. CS P4, Com. Manubhai Parmar, Com. L. K. Chavda, Com. V. K. and several divisional leaders graced the occasion by their valuable presence and inspirational lectures. The conference was presided over by Com. S. T. Teraiya Vice President P4 (CHQ)

Com. Rahimbhai Makwana, Com. K. B. Chudasama & Com. Rajen Desani were unanimously elected as Divisional President, Secretary & Finance Secretary respectively. Com. Anil Joshi and Com. Damjibhai Chavda were elected as Divisional President and Secretary of P4 union. Com. Jayantibhai Sorathiya was elected as Divisional Secretary of GDS union. Circle union greets all office bearers for their unanimous election. Details of all newly elected office bearers of all wings will be posted on receipt of a list from division.

Com. S. K. Vaishnav Circle President P3, Com. Rashmin Purohit CS P3, Com. J.U.Mahida CS P4, Com. B.M.Dave Circle President GDS (NFPE) delivered speeches apprising the house about most crucial period going on for all CG employees, need for rock like unity and preparations for Indefinite Strike from 11th July.

Two important resolutions were adopted by divisional Union:

1.  Hours of business be restricted in all offices of division as per Directorate instructions.

2. No employee will now open RD accounts of small denominations from own pocket or by dividing a higher denomination account into many small denomination account. If any officer will force, circle Union will be immediately informed for trade union action.