Saturday, August 13, 2016

Circle union adressed CPMG for grant of OTA or C.Off to staff on extra seating- early calling in office due to CBS related frequent problems.

Email to Chief Postmaster General Gujarat Circle, Ahmedabad on 13-07-2016

Hon. Sir,                                     Date: 13-8-16
Namaskar. The matter for issue of instructions for noting of details of extra attendance on records of each office and grant of Overtime Allowance or C.Off in lieu of extra attendance by postal staff in CBS offices due to system/Network failure was discussed in relevant item in previous RJCM meeting and it was agreed and instructions are not yet issued by C. O.

It has become a routine harassement to our staff. On 11th Afternoon to 12th August late evening there was total blockage of work due to Sify side issue. Nobody was knowing how much time, they have to sit in office for EOD. Divisional heads were pressing staff to stay in office. Ultimately a message was moved as under:

As per instructions of DD-CEPT, Please leave for the day and instruct the officials to come 7:00 AM on 13-Aug-2016 to clear the Blocking validations.

Thank you for your patience. Good night.


Now see, our officers are exploiting staff if they are late in office even for few minutes. So many officers keep attendance registers in their chambers and suppress staff for any occasional lecuna. How can it be agreeable that same staff sit extra hours uncalculated time without any reward? How can they all be asked to attend at 07-00,am without any remuneration or OTA?

Staff side urges for issue of instructions that OTA or C/off should be granted on such occasions. Please issue instructions also as per RJCM discussions.

with regards, 

yours Sincerely

Rashmin Purohit
Circle Secretary
AIPE Union Group 'C'
Gujarat Circle
At: Junagadh HO 362001