Saturday, August 11, 2012

There are  Twelve schedules to  the constitution 
The Ninenth schedule was added by  the first amendment to constitution in 1951
and the 11th by  the 73rd and 74th amendment to 1992
First schedule
(Under articles 1 and 4)  gives a list of the states and territories comprising  the union)
Second  schedule
Under arts 59(3), 65(3) , 75(6),97,125.148(3),158(3) consists of  5 parts Ato E
Part  A fixes the remuneration and emoluments payable to the president  and governors
Part B has been deleted by  the constitution (seventh amendment  ) act of 1956
Part c  contains  provisions as  to  the speaker and the deputy speaker  of the house  of the people  and  the chairman and deputy chairman of   the council  of states  and chairman  and deputy chairman of  the legislative assembly
Part D co contains provisions as  to the emoluments of  the judges of the supreme court and  of the high courts
Part E   contains provisions as to  the  comptroller and  auditor   general  of India
Third Schedule
(Under  Arts 75(4)  , 99  , 124(6), 148(2), 164(3), 188 and 219 contains forms   of oaths and affirmations
Fourth Schedule
Under art s 4(1)  and (20)  allocates seats for  each state and union territory   in the council  of states
Fifth  Schedule
Under  art  244(1)  provides for  for  the administration  and control of scheduled areas
Sixth Schedule
Under arts 214(2) and 275(1)  provides for  the administration of  tribal  areas in Assam, Meghalaya and Mizoram
Seventh Schedule
Under art 246 gives three lists
1.         Union  list contains 97 subjects in which  the union government has exclusive authority 
2.       State List   contains  66 subjects which   are under  the exclusive  authority  of state governments
3.       Concurrent List contains 47 subjects where  the union  and states have concurrent powers
Eighth  schedule
Under  art  344(1) and 351(1)  gives  a a list of  Indian  Languaguge
Ninth  Schedule
Under art 31(b) was added by the constitution (first amendment)  act 1951. It contains  act and orders relating to land tenure , land tax, railways, industries  etc
Tenth schedule
Under art 101 , 102  ,191 and 192  it contains the anti-detection act
Eleventh  Schedule
Under art 243 G mentions functional areas or  subjects that are  necessary  for implementation of schemes for economic development and social justice to each panchayat
Twelfth  Schedule
Mentions three  types of municipal  committee  -nagar panchyat  for  transtitional municipal council for smaller urban areas and municipal corporation for large urban areas


It is for information of members that the Circle Secretary was working at Circle Stamps Depot and it was very much uncomfortable to work there due to restricted entry of visitors and non working of mobile phone and he was on EOL for last three months. Now he has been posted back, on his request, to the Postal Store depot, Ahmedabad. Orders have been issued by Circle Office on 08.08.2012 and by SSP Ahd City Dn on 09.08.2012. The deputation will be up to 31.03.2013.

We convey thanks to Circle Administration for considering request.

He will join at PSD on 16.08.2012.

All may please note the new address as below:

Rashmin Purohit
Circle Secretary AIPEU Gr.'C'
Postal Store Depot
Near Shahibag Railway Crossing
Ahmedabad. 380 004