Tuesday, June 14, 2011


As directed by the Central Joint Council of Action, the Strike Notice has been served at every level in Gujarat Circle. All Circle Secretaries gathered at C.O. and served the notice to CPMG Ahmedabad. In most of the divisions, the Strike Notice was served by Divisional JCA. At Rajkot and Vadodara region also the Strike Notice has been served. Com.Rashmin Purohit C/S remained present at Rajkot and joined JCA to serve the notice to SSPO.

Circle Union greets all members and office bearers to make the program a grand success.

Comrades, service of same strike notice upto divisional level may not appear to be a big task if we perceive on surface but today we have successfully conveyed a message from every points that yesss, we are very well prepared, united and firm to commence indefinite strike from 5.7.11 if the Government does not accept out demands appropriately. Voice of our leaders has been strengthened today which may bring up a favorable negotiation.

OK. Thanks to all of you for such a firm response. You know, all Circle Secretaries from both federations and GDS Unions are meeting at Chennai in the Joint Convention on 19th July.

We hope that the Government will understand that at this juncture we are very much clear and strong to go on indefinite strike if Demands are not settled.