Friday, February 11, 2011

A meeting organized by circle union to understand representations of employees complaining about injustice in rule 38 transfer applications.

A meeting called for hearing problems and representations of those employees who believe that there is injustice to them in pending Rule 38 transfer application, is organized on 26/02/2011 at Vatva I.E . Post office at 16:30 hrs. onwards. All contends are requested to attend with full detail, Zerox copies of all concern papers and detail representation to the union. After hearing them, a representation will be made to the administration only for justified cases.


P3 Circle Secretary leaded by com. P R Rathod President and accomplished by Com. S k Vaishanav Asst. Circle Secretary, Com Sharad Terraiya Circle President P4, Com. R S Maleek Circle Secretary P4, Com. Mahida Dy. Circle Secretary P4, Com. S C John Circle Secretary Administrative wing and Com. M P John Circle Secretary R3 is on tour to Thekkadi ( kerala ) for attending seminar and work shop. A series of lecturers will be very useful for understanding height of trade union activity and contemporary a detail report in this regard will be published later on.