Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pl clear Quota to all higher ups before 30 April 2014

Dear Comrades,
I am receiving letters and frequent telephonic reminders from CHQ and Federation regarding clearing outstanding quota up to 31.3.14 

A letter has already been sent by CHQ to all DS.If any DS has not received, pl contact CS urgently. You know April is a grace month and each division has to remit quota to get credentials in next AIC. This is very important. Pl do not invite action as per constitutional provisions as CHQ directs to stop payment of subscription to defaulting divisions till quota is cleared.

Circle union is very much upset regarding slackness in remittance of quota by divisions. Calculations given to all during CWC meetings but most of divisions are sending lump sum amount. It is hereby made clear that by delaying remittances, no division can be allowed to skip from clearing arrears. You have received the amounts and a prescribed part is to be remitted without reminder and delay.

Circle union requests to take this seriously and to clear entire outstanding amounts before 30/4/14 failing which circle office bearers will personally visit divisions for the purpose.

Up to 30June 2013
Dn.14.50 /Circle.8.00/CHQ.6.00/NFPE.1.50/

1 July 2013 onwards