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No. 21011/1/2009-Estt (A)- Part
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
(Department of Personnel and Training)

North Block, New Delhi,1st February, 2012


Subject:- Introduction of Annual Medical Examination for the Group ‘A’ officers of Central Civil Services of age 40 years and above.

   The undersigned is directed to say that a scheme of Annual Medical Check-up is already operating in respect of All India Service officers. This Department had taken up the issue of covering Group A’ officers of Central Civil Services/posts for Annual Medical Check-up in consultation with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the Ministry of Finance (Department of Expenditure). It has now been decided that Group ‘A’ officers of Central Civil Services/Posts of and above the age of 40 years will be covered by the Annual Medical Check- up scheme. The following package rates for the above purpose have been approved:-

   (i) Annual Medical Examination of Men officers- Rs. 2000/-
       (Rupees Two Thousand only)

   (ii) Annual Medical Examination of Women officers- Rs, 2200/-
      (Rupees Two Thousand and Two Hundred only)

   2. The regime of medical tests for the above purpose will be as given in the ANNEXURE-I.

   3. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has informed that the above rates were offered to CGHS empanelled private hospitals in Delhi and NCR and the 26 hospitals given in ANNEXURE-II have accepted the offer and agreed to conduct the Annual Medical Examination of the Group ‘A’ Officers of Central Civil Services of 40 years and above. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is in the process of empanelling hospitals in other CGHS cities on the same terms and conditions. In non-CGHS cities the offer is being made to the hospitals recognized under CS(MA) Rules, 1944. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has indicated that it will require atleast three months time for empanelling the hospitals for other places outside Delhi/NCR where CGHS/CS(MA) recognized hospitals are available. This will be communicated later. There are places where there are no empanelled hospitals. In such places, the administrative Departments/offices may engage quality local hospitals on the same terms and conditions to get the Annual Medical Examination of their officers conducted subject to ceiling of Rs.2000/- and Rs.2200/- for men and women officers respectively or actual whichever is less.

   4. All Ministries/Departments are accordingly requested to cater the estimated expenditure in their budget for reimbursement of the amount to the concerned officer and implement the scheme during the financial year 2012-13 for the officers located in Delhi and NCR. Instructions with respect to officers located outside Delhi/NCR where CGHS/CS (MA) recognized hospitals are available would follow. The concerned officer may be handed over the copy of complete Medical Report and the summary of the Medical Report in the enclosed proforma (Annexure-III) separately prepared by the Medical Authority is to be attached to the APAR of the concerned officer.

(C.A. Subramanian)
Joint Secretary to the Government of India

1-----------  means anything transmittable by Post, whether Letter,  Paper, Parcel, or Package

2.  Forward Postage is  not   chargeable  on a.  mis-sent article.

The above said statement is


3.   A  Packet  of   Newspapers consists of  ----  or  more  Newspaper   enclosed in one cover.

4 . what is meant by  office of posting ?

Office which any article is first received from the sender

5  The privileges and powers of the Government in respect of Postal and cognate matters are dealt with in the------------------------------

 Indian Post Office Act

6   in which ministry directs the postal department?

Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.
7     --------------- and -----------------  are permanent invitee to the Postal board

The joint Secretary and Financial Advisor to the Department

8    In which  postal  circle    is headed by  Major General called Additional Director  General  

Base Circle  (for army postal service )
9   In which ratio is adopted  for selection of  army postal service 

Seventy five  percent  of staff is coming from  civil post office as deputation and remaining twenty five staff are selected  through the direct recruit
10 The Materials Management is  handled by   ------------   member of postal board

Member (D)
11   The Headquarters of the Postal Services Board, the Director-General and other officers of the Director General are at  Mumbai

The above said statement is 

12  . Any representation which is not an appeal should be designated as ---------------

    a petition
13   Any petition or copy thereof which is sent direct to the Director General or to any subordinate authority, instead of through the proper channel, will be filed, no notice of any kind being taken of it.

The above said statement is

14 Petitions, representations and applications addressed to the Director General
by persons who have left the Department, or whose services have been dispensed with or who have been dismissed or removed from service.
Then  what  is the ruling related with  submission  of petitions, representations and applications ?

All such communications must be submitted through the Head of the Circle or the Administrative
Office under whom the persons were last employed.

15   For other Subordinate Courts,--------- appointed by the State Govt. have been notified to appear on behalf of the Union of India and its officers under the Civil Procedure Courts.

The Govt. Pleaders
16  All ---------------- in the Posts Department who are fully conversant with the facts of the particular cases are the authorised persons by whom Plaints and Written Statements in Suits in any courts of civil jurisdiction by or against the Central Government can be signed and verified in respect of matters concerning the Posts Department.

Gazetted Officers

It’s a move that will go a long way in empowering widowed/separated daughters dependent on their parents. Last month, the ministry of health and family welfare decided to expand the ambit of Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) to include dependent children of widowed/separated daughters as beneficiaries under the government’s comprehensive health scheme. Till now, serving central government employees, pensioners, current and former members of Parliament, serving and retired judges of Supreme Court and high court, freedom fighters, accredited journalists, former governor and former vice president of India could avail of CGHS benefits.
“The move has been initiated with the aim of empowering widowed and separated daughters who live with parents who are CGHS beneficiaries,” said a health ministry official.

Though the health ministry does not have an exact count of dependent children of widowed/ separated daughters of CGHS beneficiaries, senior officials said the move would benefit thousands of children.

“It’s a conservative estimate that the number would run into thousands,” said a ministry official.

Currently, there are nine lakh CGHS beneficiaries in India, of which six lakh are serving government employees.

Currently, the health ministry spends approximately R1,200 crore on CGHS. “The number of dependent children of widowed/separated daughters of CGHS beneficiaries runs into a few thousands. It won’t result in any massive hike in the CGHS budget,” said a senior ministry official.

The decision was taken following the recommendation of the 6th Central Pay Commission to expand the definition of “family” under CGHS.

“The health ministry has examined the matter and it has now been decided, with the approval of the competent authority, to expand the definition of family under CGHS to include minor children of widowed/separated daughters, who are dependent upon the CGHS beneficiary,” a ministry circular stated.

The upper age limit of the dependents for the purpose of being eligible for CGHS medical facilities will be 18 years. “They should normally be residing with the government servant/pensioner,” the circular added.

The Central Government Health Scheme was started in 1954 to provide comprehensive health care facilities to central government employees, pensioners and their family members residing in CGHS covered cities.

The medical facilities are provided through wellness centres, polyclinics under allopathic, ayurveda, yoga, unani and homeopathic system of medicines.

Courtesy:Hindustan times

All central government employees are very eager to know about DA January 2012.Because DA is the most important allowance to maintain extra expenses in their day to day life.Recent days living a normal life is very difficult.Prices of all essential commodities are going high.So Dearness Allowance is the only remedy for CG Employees to fight against price rise.

Any how DA is calculated complete based on arithmatical  calculation.AICPIN released by Labour bureau is required  to calculate DA.Labour bureau already released the data for    July,August,September,October,November and December that is 193,194,197,198,199,197 respectively.

The formula for calculating da is
DEARNESS ALLOWANCE=(avg of AICPIN for past 12 months-115.76)*100/115.76


DEARNESS ALLLOWANCE JANUARY 2012 IS     65-58     =     7%

 JANUARY 188 177.25 53
 FEBRUARY 185 178.50 54
 MARCH 185 179.75 55
 APRIL 186 181.08 56
 MAY 187 182.33 57
 JUNE 189 183.58 58
 JULY 193 184.83 59
 AUGUST 194 186.17 60
 SEPTEMBER 197 187.67 62
 OCTOBER 198 189.08 63
 NOVEMBER 199 190.05 64
 DECEMBER 197 191.50 65