Sunday, December 18, 2016

Regarding disrespectful approach to staff in trainings and in meetings for achieving targets and calling on sundays...Circle Union takes up with CPMG and Regional PMGs

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Request for ensuring respectful & comfortable seating arrangement in trainings to Postal employees - issue of instructions to units.

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Sun, 18 Dec 2016 22:17:03 GMT+0530

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Respected Sir,

Namaskar. Kindly see attached photographs of IPPB training at Bardoli which shows that staff is seating on floor on a dirty cloth-carpet. Staff side urges to consider that typically you will not have the opportunity to select a room. However, administration must consider the attributes that will create the best learning environment and respectful & comfortable seating arrangement for participants. 

It is requested to immediately call for reports and instruct all units to avoid any incident of such impolite approach.

We have also been informed by some candidates regarding calling them at CO on Sundays and addressing them as "nikammo ki toli". We are veryfying real details and will take up separately later on.  Rajkot region calls GDS employees in RO and threatening for achievement of targets. Such type of strategies are resulting into resentment and negative psychosis amongst staff. No officer can treat staff disrespectfully or force to come at distant offices without any remuneration. This can be done at divisional Level. Staff side also going to call meetings in each divisions and inspire staff for considering achievement of targets as a joint venture and moral duty and try very hard to open as many accounts as possible. Last year there was splitting of thousands of accounts and this year without splitting, number of accounts cannot be sustained or increased. Administration must bear in mind this reality.

It is requested not to call staff on Sundays. That's day for families. Our staff worked very arduously during exchange of old notes. Please let them now take some relief to breath peacefully.

Kindly takeexpression of our feelings open hearted and affirmatively.

With regards

Yours Sincerely

Rashmin Purohit

CS AIPE Union Group C

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