Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Attention all DS : Book tickets tomorrow for Lucknow AIC .... pl inform Circle union about delegates and train details

Dear Comrades,

Chalo Delhi on 28-4-15
All DS are requested to make it clear as to how many delegates are coming to Jantar-mantar New Delhi on 28-4-15? Inspite of repeated requests most of the devision has not come up with clear reply. Even if no delegate is visiting Delhi on 28-4-15, that should also be replied.

Book tickets for attending AIC Lucknow
All are aware about All India Conference at Lucknow on 4-6-15 to 7-6-15. Please book tickets on 1-4-15 itself to avoid hardships in getting confirmed reservations. Information about names of delegates and arrival - departure details should also be given to Circle union. Please remember, there will be no night sessions at AIC this time. All delegates will be free at evening time. It may also be strictly noted that all delegates must be present in all sessions on all four days. Attendance certificate as a delegate will be given to only such comrades who regularly attends. If some comrades intends to visit other places, either they should plan their program before or after dates of AIC.

Clear quota up to 31-3-15 to all higher ups.
Comrades, there is no justification in going in arrears in the matter of sending quota fixed for Circle-CHQ-NFPE. All DS must invariably clear their quota up to 31-3-15 without fail. Your inactive approach in this matter create embarrassing situation for all higher ups. Any division with any amount of quota in arrears will not be allowed in AIC. They have to pay up at the counters at the vanue of AIC. So to avoid hardships in standing in ques, remit quota immediately to Circle, CHQ and NFPE.

Start preparations for indefinite Strike from 6-5-15.
Comrades, all are aware about call of indefinite Strike from 6th May 2015 by Postal JCA. On all websites, Circulars and magazines all details including Charter of Demands has been published. Please form JCA at Divisional level, issue circulars in Gujarati language, prepare plan and initiate campaign program through out division and make it sure that no division finds excuses at any juncture. We will together make it a successful strike all over Gujarat. Contact circle union for any help or guidance. Leaders of NFPE & FNPO will also jointly visit various divisions and week corners. Any division can specially ask for joint staff meetings. Let us concentrated on this.