Sunday, April 3, 2016

Adequate training for working on new & completed software like Finacle must be imparted to employees

Postal employees are now absolutely tired by CBS related problems. Some steps are being taken by the department but we don't know whether our sufferings will end or not! Whether aggrieved customers standing in queues will now get some relief or not! 

You all are aware that AIPE Union Group 'C' Gujarat Circle has already served notice to the administration and  conveyed that staff will wait till 15-4-16. Right from 15-4-16 itself, we will leave office as soon as our duty hours ate over. It will be the responsibility of the administration to set right all software, hardware and network connectivity/bandwidth problems by given date.

The other important point is that: It is the prime duty of the department to thoroughly train staff for working on new & complicated software. Particularly, senior employees are facing acute problems due to very short and brief training of 3-4 days. Instead of mechanically obtaining signatures of trainees for heaving learnt, It should be practically ensured, at the end of any training that the trainee has learnt the subject. It should also be considered that learning & grasping  capacity differs in each individual. This will also be taken up  with the Directorate.