Saturday, January 30, 2016

A positive appeal.

Any one (postal employee), working at Ahmedabad, ready to join me for dedicated & consistent campaign for popularising APY by visiting various potential areas, industries, villages and so on?

Any efficient PA, Postman, MTS, GDS can join me.

The willing official will be completely relieved from his routine duties and will be required to join from morning to late evening. It should be like a volunteered endeavors. However, there will be no need for own expenditure. Time, brain power and dedicated efforts are required.

I urge for response here and also contact on whatsapp on 9427208408.

All friends in Rajkot region knows I do such work 100% free, using own car, without any type of remuneration or TA DA, any commission or any reward. This year I would prefer to work at Ahmedabad area or HQ region.

If like minded positive group in any other division is ready to do similar type of work for APY, RPLI etc they may also respond and show their readiness. 

As a major Union, we have set so many imitable examples in past and I request to consider this appeal as a part of our affirmative role and responsibility besides fearless & unbiased representation on burning issues.