Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bhavnagar division is in striking and agitating mood against insults, humiliation and threats by administration side. A letter received from DS Bhavnagar is here.

The Secretory,
A.I.P.E.U. Group ‘C’
Bhavnagar Dn., Bhavnagar-364001.
Date: 09-02-2014
The Supdt. of Post Offices,
Bhavnagar Division,

Sub: Regarding insulting and rude behavour by the SPOs, Bhavnagar with staff of HO and SOs.
Respected Sir,
As you know that sir, due to hard work of our staff members of Bhavnagar Division become first in CBS office in gujarat circle on 24-11-2014 target of opening of new account had been completed in last year and also first in Rajkot Region. Our union is belives in peaceful relationship with the administration since long. It is also mentioned here that honourable PMG, Rajkot Region has pointed out in award function held at Shiv Shakti hall, Bhavnagar that the staff of Bhavnagar Division is a “Game Changer”. We also assure you to complete all target given by you in this year also before end of March-2015. However, it is once again bring to your kind notice that it was already been discussed in monthly meeting in presence of Circle Secretary and Circle President accompanied with representative of our union that you are insulting/ rude behavour with staff on public place. Several complaints raised from the staff side and assurance was also given to Circle Secretary and Circle president that such type of insulting/misbehavour with the staff will be stopped. India is democretic country and every citizen has rights to lives pecefully. But till the day no any friutful result come out. Even after assurance given to circle secretary/President twice, but till the day staff is continuesly harrassed, facing insulting/misbehavour thretaning & terror. Facing of unnecessary harrassment and insulting staff putting their voluntary retirement. This union is being compelled to take stern action for the demand and we make up our mind to start agitational programmes within a week time, if no solution of following problems comes out by peaceful actions.

Our union is seeking amicable solution of staff grievances. It is requested to take remidial action in to the matter narratted as under;

At present you have ordered for deputation at Bhavnagar HO from PA from BV M K Road & PA Bv Khargate may be posted back with their termination of deputation.
At present 5 post of Supervisor and 3 post of Acctt in HO are vacant as well as the post of PM, Bhavnagar HO, SPM at Sihor, Palitana, Bhavnagar T’war are also vacant. The staff of HO and SOs facing difficulty to manage their routine work in his office.
The parity of work generally increased in all large offices and staff position remained as it is which resulted in hardship and some time officials suffer financial loss due to heavy burdon of work.
It is also come to notice that the staff is engaged more than sanctioned strenth at DO. The union has no objection for the same, but when the necessity arrised, the staff of DO may be deputed to other offices.
Yours Faithfully,

The Secretory,
A.I.P.E.U. Group ‘C’
Bhavnagar Dn., Bhavnagar-364001.
Coy to for inf. & n/a to :-  1. Sh R D Purihit,The Circle Secretary,AIPEU P-III,  Gujarat Circle,
    PSD Ahmedabad, Ahmedabad-380001.
2. The Chief Postmaster General, Gujarat circle, Gujarat – 380 001.
3. The PMG, Rajkot Region, Rajkot- 360 001.
4. The DPS, Rajkot Region, Rajkot- 360 001.

The Secretory,
A.I.P.E.U. Group ‘C’
Bhavnagar Dn., Bhavnagar-364001