Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Four Monthly Meeting will be held at the Office of Hon.CPMG at Ahmedabad on 04.02.11. The agenda submitted earlier was published on this blog for information of members. Com.Rashmin Purohit will attend his first four monthly meeting as a Circle Secretary. Details of the meeting will be brought to the notice of members on 04.02.11 on this blog.

There are so many issues taken on agenda, several items taken in correspondence but awaiting response of C.O., problems and inequality in the matter of MACP in regions, delay in convening DPCs for LSG, HSG II and I cadre, inappropriate identification of offices in Postmaster's cadre etc. As many as possible items will be discussed with the administration for in the hunt for solutions.


Amreli issue discussed earlier in this corner is not mere struggle against any individual Postmaster or other incumbent. It is a case of real scenario emerging as a result of undue pressure for showing glittering performance in Arrow Project offices in particular. Com.K.B.Barot Ex. C/S also remained present with Com.Rashmin Purohit C/S in the Special meeting. on 01.02.11 at the office of Hon.P.M.G Vadodara. Shri.S.T.Teraiya Circle President P.IV and Org.G/S (CHQ), Shri.M.P.Mangrolia D/S AIPEU P.III, K.A.Kanada President PIII, Shri. Gondia D/S P.IV, B.K.Trivedi D/S NUPE, A.J.Pandya President NUPE were also present.

It was discussed with Hon.PMG that it is quite irregular to suppress subordinate staff to pass wrong remarks on undelivered articles or unpaid EMOs just with an intention to show good performance. It was also explained that forcing to make fictitious signature of addressees is also a serious irregularity.

It was very much stimulating to hear words from Hon PMG who said that in any case, we must insist that we reach at the destination of the addressee but it is not at all practicable to expect all of them to be present or receiving their articles. There is nothing wrong if, after all efforts, any article remains undelivered because of genuine reasons.

It is expected that Amreli issue will be settled soon.

We would like to see a circular from R.O. containing instructions to Postmasters and off course, Divisional heads to ensure harmony and exchange of sweet dialogues in the office for any instructions to subordinate staff and to avoid vicious approach.


It was known at the time of visiting R.O. Vadodara on 01.02.11 that cases for most of divisions has already been settled and remaining will also be settled in next few days.

At the time of informal meeting on other issue, C/S expressed thanks to Lt. Col. Shri. D.K.S.Chauhan, Hon.P.M.G. for his affirmative response in the matter.

Let us wait for some time.


Bimonthly meeting of Rajkot region will be held at 15.00 hrs on 07.02.11 at the office of the Postmaster General, Rajkot. Agenda for items from staff side has been given earlier and discussions will be made on them besides several other informal discussions based on information received from divisional secretaries. Any Divisional Secretary suggesting any genuine point for informal discussion with administration may convey to Com. S.K.Vaishnav Asst C/S and if any D/S desires to meet C/S may come to Rajkot on the day if convenient.


Bhavnagar division : sets examples for other divisions

A grand ceremony was organized by AIPEU Gr.C Bhavnagar division for prize distribution to the children of Postal Employees of Group.C cadre on 30.01.11. The occasion was graded by presence of Shri.Sureshbhai Buch – a senior and prominent leader in Bank union, Shri. Subhashbhai Bhatt and Shri. Pareshbhai Trivedi – prominent educationalists, Shri.B.A.Dave- Bhishma Pitamaha of trade union movement in postal department in Bhavnagar division, Shri.K.B.Barot- Ex. Working President (CHQ) and Ex.C/S P.III, Sharadbhai Teraiya- Org. G/S (CHQ) P.IV, Shri.S.P.Hariyani SPO Bhavnagar, S/Shri.Rashmin Purohit C/S P.III, K.B.Chudasama Asst C/S P.III and so many retired officers.

The function was mainly for prize awards to students with merit No. 1 to 3 in all standards. It was noticeable that all children present in the hall were given some prize. Such function is very well organized every year in this division and mainly the staff contributes for expenditure for the same.Felicitation of retired employees was also done in the function.

The function was outstanding as the big hall was packed with presence of family members of Group.C staff of the division who enjoyed very delicious lunch in the end of the program.

It is suggested that in the night every year when such function is organized, a cultural program like musical night can be arranged with little cost or free.

Bhavnagar is always having its great traditions and power of unity. We salute comrades of this division for doing well in the leadership of Com. Prakash Rathod Circle President. The program was memorable.