Friday, January 1, 2016

A letter to Hon.CPMG Gujarat Circle on the eve of new year


Rashmin Purohit Circle Secretary, Postal Stores Depot, Ahmedabad 380 004 M: 94272 08408 Email:

Lt. Col. D.K.S.Chauhan
Hon’ble Chief Postmaster General
Gujarat Circle, Ahmedabad 380 001

Subject: New Year Greetings.

Hon’ble sir,
Namaskar and regards Sir. On behalf of staff side, I convey whole hearted regards to you, our benignant head of the Postal parivar – Gujarat Circle, on the occasion of New year 2016.

The year gone has left on all of us lots of responsibilities, moral obligation & need for pledge of total commitment to contribute optimum energy and abilities for upgrading of services to public and digitalization besides launching various new schemes meant for common citizens of our country through our department. In this regards, staff side assures neck to neck support to the administration.

Being major union of Group C cadre, we have always been affirmative, cordial and supporting to the task, throughout past year, without making any uproar on crucial problems faced by the staff relating to poor network, incompatible hardware and least training for working on migration to core banking. After migration to CBS, problems faced by almost all Post offices are not unknown to you sir. We hope that physical and visible action would be taken in the coming year to reduce stress upon staff that has to perform duties till late evenings as a routine only because of networking problems and incompatible hardware.
So far as procurement of targets and promotion of numerous schemes & products is concerned, why not we jointly discuss and chalk out effective campaigns keeping each side in confidence and supporting each other. In most of divisions, we have voluntary and enthusiastic team. A small inspiration is adequate for gearing up our strength. Let us work on it together.

Let us decide that it will be stopped to force staff itself to open accounts or purchase products by expending from own pocket. Such approach adversely effects seriousness on real doctrines of doing business in the competitive market. In the biggest Post office of Gujarat Circle, APY accounts are being  opened by all staff including postmen staff showing fake date of birth under force from administration side! Officials of 55 years age are asked to show DOB as 1997-98 and obviously without KYC documents the accounts are being opened for achievement of illusive targets showing threat and fear. I am much worried about what will be the responsibility on which staff in future! Let us discuss all such issues and move forward positively and constructively in the coming year.

I hope that the mechanism of periodical meetings has been collapsed. It will be regularized in coming year. It provides a space for mutual healthy discussion on many issues which ultimately results in improvement of services.

After your resumption, the Gujarat circle has been definitely obliged by so many kind, prompt and compassionate action on subjects of staff welfare.

Kindly excuse for any words felt extraneous. My heartiest regards to you sir,

Yours Sincerely

Circle Secretary AIPEU Gr.C
& Working President (CHQ)