Monday, April 20, 2015 your future...being in front line of a union, all DS & team and Circle office bearers will certainly play their role at the real time and ensure 100% participation of members in all agitation programs and indefinite strike from 6th May 2015

Countdown for indefinite Strike from 6th May 2015 starts.. all are requested to prepare strongly

Dear Comrades,
You all are aware about Indefinite strike from 6th May 2015 onwards. You all have to start preparations. All materials are already sent to all divisions by NFPE and CHQ well in advance. Circle union is also in touch with you all through all electronic mede, this blog, WhatsApp, face book, messages in mobile, magazines and personal contacts. It is only your turn to develop struggles attitude, prepare as per requirement of division, consult Circle secretaries and ensure 100% participation in Strike.

I hope, all DS and team will come forward with strong face and brighten name of their division and off course Gujarat Circle. Nobody will, I am sure, find excuses or hide face. We studied right from childhood - " United we stand, decided we fall." Now the right occasion has come for our united performance. 

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