Friday, January 25, 2013



No.CO/FourMonthly/Agenda/2012.13                                                                   Dated January 23, 2013

The Chief Postmaster General
Gujarat Circle Ahmedabad 380 001

Subject:               Agenda for the next four monthly meeting.
Respected sir,
After a long break, now there is a hope for a due four monthly meeting at an early date. We would informally discuss on most important concerns as and when opportunity occurs. However few items, to be taken on agenda, are furnished below:

Item No.1
Non supply of Computer Stationary to divisions.
There is a hue and cry about non availability of computer stationary from all corners of the Gujarat Circle. PSDs are issuing non availability certificates to divisions but local purchase cannot be made due to non availability of funds! When the department moves ahead with 100% computerization with the allotment of Rs.4909 Crores, the uproar for non availability of stationary appears farce. It is requested to take suitable action to ensure supply of sufficient stationary.

Item No.2
Appeal for prompt and concrete action into cases of complaint against corruption and misuse of administrative powers.-case of Kachchh division.
Since a long period passed, no visible action has been taken into case of complaint against corruption and misuse of administrative powers by SPO Kachchh division. So many letters written by staff side has not been acknowledged even. There are video/audio/written evidences, but no one records statement of the officer! And the CDs are referred to FSL. The case file will speak about real scenario. Our demand is for prompt and visible action in the matter.

Item No.3
Request for issuing instructions to Regions/Divisions, for adhering to directions of the Directorate, for not calling staff on duty on Sunday and Holidays as a routine.
Particularly in Vadodara region, staff is forced to attend on each and every Sunday/Holiday for one or other work. Staff side is quite positive and sincere about need of the day for doing various work within time schedule and we have also advised staff for voluntarily contribute additional work for one or two hours where pendency of discrepant accounts is more but the administration side in the region forces the staff each and every Sunday/Holiday with threatening language. Therefore, it is requested to instruct all divisions to adhere to the direction of the Directorate in Letter No.16/56/2011-SR dtd 08.07.11 and two instructions issued by the directorate on this issue after the settlement on strike charter. It is also suggested to avoid sending staff in various trainings from divisions where arrears of work is very heavy and require early wiping out.


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Item No.4
Review of quality of food provided at PTC Vadodara.
Recently there was food poisoning to so many trainees after consuming breakfast. There has been always complaint about poor quality of food. It is the time for review of the situation. My earlier letter in the matter is exhaustive in the matter.

Item No.5
Allotment of office premise for office of Circle Union of AIPE Union Group ‘C’.
Circle union needs an office. Space is available at Paldi PO, Allis bridge PO and may be somewhere else. Allotment of any Quarter in the Colony would be more suitable to us. It is requested to consider.

Item No.6
Review of staff position of Bardoli division.
There is very heavy shortage of staff at Bardoli division. It may be because of false calculation of vacancies in the previous year. It is requested to review, determine actual vacancies of the division and take suitable action in the matter.

Considering long gap in the meeting, number of items may not be restricted to three only.

Following office bearers will attend the meeting.

1.       Rashmin Purohit               Circle Secretary                 OA PSD Ahmedabad
2.       S.K.Vaishnav                   Circle President                 PA Gondal HO

With regards,

Yours Sincerely

Circle Secretary