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14th April..Dr.B.R.Ambedkar birth anniversary

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar: An Indefatigable Defender of Human Rights

Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar was born as the fourteenth child of Mahar parents, Ramji and Bhimabai, on 14 April 1891 at Mhow, in present-day State of Madhya Pradesh. The Mahars are considered low- caste and treated as untouchables (Dalits) by higher-caste Hindus. They are mainly found in the State of Maharashtra.

The father and grandfather of Ambedkar served in the army and were of well-to-do family. But the stigma of being members of Mahar community caused their social oppression in a caste-ridden society.

Ambedkar had a bitter taste of discriminatory treatment due his caste at an early age. He and his brother had to carry gunny bags to sit on inside the classroom because they were not allowed to sit on classroom chairs. They were denied drinking water facilities, and excluded from games and mixing with other children. Even teachers would not check their notebooks for fear of "pollution." Thus sowed the seeds of discontentment about the Hindu social system in the life of Ambedkar.

He did his early education in Satara in Maharashtra State and then moved on to Bombay. In 1912, he passed his B. A. examination with distinction from the prestigious Elphinstone College with the scholarship and encouragement from the Maharaja of Baroda State. In 1913, with a condition that he would serve the Baroda State for ten years, he was chosen by Maharaja of Baroda State for higher studies at Columbia University in the USA. This was followed with a  trans-Atlantic shift to the United Kingdom where he studied at the University of London. While studying abroad, he mixed with students of various nationalities and races, which was an eye- opener for him.

He joined the Union Cabinet of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru during the 1946-1951 period. He resigned on 27 September 1951 to protest the deferment of the discussion in the parliament of the Hindu Code Bill supposedly due to the coming 1952 elections. Ambedkar saw the Bill as a very important reform of Hindu law, with reform proposals on marriage, divorce, and monogamy.

Despite failing health, he plodded on with his advocacy for the cause of the Dalits. He came to Nagpur in October 1956 for his conversion to Buddhism and a couple of months thereafter on 8 December 1956 breathed his last.



Sunday, April 13, 2014

2014 NOVEMBER 23rd & 24th



          In the meeting held on 11th April-2014 at Jamnagar in presence of
Com. M. Krishnan Secretary General NFPE :

Working Chairman:
Com. R.D. Purohit Circle Secretary P-3 Gujarat.
General Convenor :
Com. Asha Ben Joshi Circle Secretary GDS(NFPE) Gujarat
Financial Secretary”
Com. S.T. Taraiya Vice President P-IV (CHQ)

(Name of Chairman and full details of Reception Committee and various other Committees will be published later on.)

Reception Committee Formation meeting was held at Jamnagar (Gujarat) on 11.04.2014. The meeting was presided over by Com. R.N. Parashar Assistant Secretary General, NFPE.

The following leaders were present in the meeting:

1.   Com. M Krishnan Secretary General NFPE
2.   Com. R. Seethalaxmi General Secretary P-IV
3.   Com. M.P. John Dep. G.S. R-III(C/S R-III Gujarat)
4.   Com. R.D. Purohit  C/S P-III Gujarat.
5.   Com. S T Taraiya Vice President P-IV CHQ
6.   Com. Apurva Kadiya C/S Admn. Gujarat.
7.   Com. A.K. Chauhan Dy. C/S Postal Accounts
8.   Com. Asha Ben Joshi C/S GDS(NFPE) Gujarat
9.   Com. S.K. Vaishnav Circle President P-III Gujarat
10. Com. S R Dave Circle Treasurer R-III Gujarat.

Besides above mentioned leaders about 200 Comrades from Gujarat Circle particularly Jamnagar Dn. Participated in the meeting.

In the begging Com,. Asha Ben Joshi honoured all the leaders  by presenting flowers bouquets. Com. R D Purohit C/S P-III welcomed all the leaders.

Com. R.N. Parashar , President of the meeting & ASG NFPE described the importance of Diamond Jubilee Celebration at Jamnagar and appealed to all to make the programme a grand success by giving maximum contribution financially as well as mobilizing their membership to take part in the programme in a large number.

Com. M. Krishnan Secretary General NFPE thrown light on the history of NFPTE/NFPE and various struggles conducted by the organizations and achievements gained through sustained struggles. He gave suggestions to make the pogramme a historic success and stated the ways and means . He put a blue print of programme which will be published in detail later on.

Com. R Seethalaxmi G/S P-IV also appealed to all Comrades to contribute maximum in all respects to make the programme a grand success.

All leaders mentioned above expressed their views and assured NFPE leadership that they will do their best to make the programme a historic event.

Besides them Com. Mihir Gandhi Divisional Secretary P-III Bhuj and Com. Nikola Divisional Secretary P-III Jamnagar also delivered speech and assured to give maximum contribution and co-operation to make the progranne a grand success.

Com. R.D. Purohit Circle Secretary P-III Gujarat stated in detail about the arrangements to be made for the function and intimated an estimated budget to be spent in the function. All Circle Secretaries, leaders and other Comrades gave assurance to give financial contribution to the Reception Committee as per quota fixed to each union.

At last Com. Asha Ben Joshi Cirle Secretary GDS(NFPE) offered Vote of Thanks.

The meeting was concluded by Presidential speech of Com. R.N. Parashar after giving thanks to all leaders and Comrades of Gujarat Circle for showing such interest and enthusiasm for making the programme a historic event.

NFPE at 2:44 PM

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A good begining and Divisional Conference of Panchmahal dn at Godhra

Divisional Conference of Panchmahal Dn was held on Sunday 13th April, 2014. 

On one hand it was a painful day on the history of our country as on 13th April 1919,  people of India were shocked by Jaliyawala bag's mass killing at Amritsar.

It was, Mahavir Janma Jayanti on the day of conference which recalls lessons of peace and non violence by life and preachings of Mahavir Swami, 24th and last Jain 'Tirthankar'.

If we look at postal employees of Panchmahal division, it prima facie appears that entire staff is under threat and fear of very harsh and uncertain disciplinary action upon them. There is no local leader from any union who could stand up with courage and confidence to support innocent staff members who are victimized in the name of subsidiary offender and contributory responsibility in a fraud case. All are like sighless and wounded soldiers. Most of the staff were member of NUPE but unfortunately there appears no concrete assistance and help to staff of this division.

We never intend to interfere into administrative process of investigation in a fraud case and cross our limitation as a trade union but, based  on discussions of members held during divisional conference, it primarily appeares that there are premature, discriminating and very harsh action on staff members. The administration is more interested in forcing recovery of big amounts from pockets of staff then holding judicious and immediate investigation. In so many cases, staff was orally put under pressure and fear, forced to credit huge amount voluntarily (!!), amounts were credited and then disciplinary actions were initiated under rule 16. In identical cases where amounts are not credited, disciplinary action under rule 14 have been initiated. 

It becomes a case for study for us to see following details:

How many officials credited what amount voluntarily before issue of charge sheet I.e. disciplinary action and who told them to do so.

How many officials were charge sheeted and what amount of recovery has been imposed upon them and what amount has been recovered so far and what total amount would be finally recovered as a punitive action.

How many claim cases have been settled and pending with the department.

What are allegations and what is punishment in various cases.

As a Circle union we decided to study whole material and turn up with all possible help and assistance to innocent staff. Union has never supported any culprits and ill doers. But it will be our responsibility to help innocent employees of this division who looks forward in search of any help like a thusrty man searches a drop of water from sand in desert.

It was pleasant to meet Senior comrade. Hassan who is the only source of help and guidance in this division.

Com.M.G.Dulera Circle F.S. and Com. M.K.Pandya DS Kheda & Circle office bearers also attended the conference. Wee look towards many young friends who attended this conference. They are future of trade union movement. We request them to come on and be united to safeguard postal employees against any injustice and victimization.

List of newly elected body will be placed later on here.

We congratulate staff for holding a very meaningful conference. We also greet Com. Bamania for taking constant pains in arranging this event and also very nice kathiyawadi Lunch.