Thursday, February 19, 2015

An Appeal by NFPE to clear outstanding quota on priority basis.

Dear Comrades,
It has been once again pointed out by Com.R.N.Parashar Secretary General NFPE that many division of Gujarat circle are lagging behind in remitteof quota to NFPE. This is something pinching to Circle union also. Why we can't remit quota regularly? 

Please check your accounts. If any receipts are pending from any higher ups, write/mail under intimation of Circle union. Calculate amounts received and due for remittances. Pl clear all quota up to 31-3-15 as early as possible.

Written notes were handed over to DS of some divisions at Rajkot CWC but no response..

Pl understand your responsibilities and take care of image of your division as well as Gujarat Circle.

Postal JCA formed in Gujarat Circle

All Circle Secretaries and CHQ office bearers of NFPE and FNPO held a meeting at Canteen of C.O.Ahmedabad on 18th February, 2015. Com. Rashmin Purohit CS NFPE Group 'C' has been unanimously nominated as Convener and Shri. A.K.Solanki CS FNPO P.4 was nominated as Joint Convener. Shri.Y.D.Trivedi CS FNPO Gr.C was nominated as Finance Convenor. All other Circle Secretaries of all wings of both federations will function as members of PJCA Gujarat Circle.