Friday, March 11, 2016

Circle union takes up again and seeks special meeting with Hon. PMG Vadodara for discussion on problems, discrimination and misuse of administrative powers at Valsad dn

Hon. PMG
Vadodara.                  Date: 11-3-16
Hon. Sir,
Namaskar. please see attachment which is a letter received from Divisional Secretary AIPEUIII Valsad dn which is self explanatory.
Kindly recall our meeting at Navsari where I had discussed and represented regarding injustice and discrimination in dealing with Tithal BO fraud case in valsad dn. I have addressed 4-5 elaborated letters to your office by email as well as by post regarding mismanagement, favorism and misuse of administrative powers by ssp valsad.
Following questions are paining concerned victimised employees:
Why few of the subsidiary offenders and similarly situated employees are totally left and others are charge sheeted?
Why very big punishment to some and in  same to same cases moderate punishment to the other?
Why recovery of very huge monthly installment which leaves 2-4 thousand rupees only and how employees would maintain families?
Why one and same officials are continued as OA DO since decades by only paper transfer without physical shifting? Why no policy guide lines are not followed? We demanded many times that data of last 10 years of existing OAs may be reviewed and if they worked for most of period in DO their tenure may not be treated as broken and they may be shifted as per dte as well as CVC instructions.
Unfortunately my letters and mails are not seriously considered and no action has been taken and no response is received from your office.
I am also resending my previous emails for ready reference.
I request for granting a special informal meeting on this valsad matter as early as possible in which 3 representatives of valsad dn will also remain present.
I request Com. Harsh Purohit to print hard copy of this mail and send it to Hon. PMG Vadodara as well as Hon. SSP Valsad.
With regards,
Yours sincerely
Rashmin Purohit

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Subject: Valsad division problem
        please refer the attached file.

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Email to Hon. CPMG- PMG Rajkot

Respected sirs,
Namaskar. Here are few pics on the subject. We want to extend all possible cooperation and take the task on our hands for real work. Team is working quite voluntarily. We had been in front of thousands of people in shivaratri fair for 5 days from 8am to 1am midnight to popularise various schemes. From Monday we will sit in a pandal on gate of Indian Rayon Corporation Veraval to procure APY accounts of labourers as discussed with their management. We will sit for 3 days in Koli Samaj vadi at Sutrapada from Wednesday for 3days.

I afraid of only one thing sirs. In some divisions SPs are indirectly threatening staff by saying : " I will not force you to give Rs.10-15000. I will just see after 31 March who is with administration and who is against administration!" Rotation transfers are coming just after 31 March. Frightened staff gave 10000 or 15000 and opening 1000 or 1500 RD accounts of deno Rs.10 in single name and by using single passbook. Accounts are being opened in offices yet to be migrated. More than 1.5 lac such irregular accounts have been opened and till being opened. Some illegal software is also being used. If anybody will debit passbooks as per number of accounts and use only one, it would be very serious passage to fraud. I am more afraid by imaging that these offices will be migrated very shortly in CBS and at the time of its closure there will be intolerable load in closing these accounts. It will ruin manpower, time, energy and much more. Please, please and please sirs, immediately instruct all units to avoid such unnecessary work & illusive achievements. Particularly please instruct all units in Rajkot region. They are exaggerating.
I also urge for intimating action taken in GPO issue.
My respectful regards
Yours sincerely
Rashmin Purohit

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Khadi on Fridays for Central Government employees?

According to unconfirmed sources, the Centre is giving serious thoughts about making Khadi-wearing compulsory for its employees on Fridays. News continues to flow non-stop about Central Government employees and their offices the past few days. Recently, an order was issued making it mandatory to hoist the national flag atop the Kendriya Vidyalaya school buildings all over the country, everyday.
There are now plans of making the Central Government employees wear Khadi once every week, preferably on Fridays. All the Central Government employees – starting from the top bosses right down to the entry-level staff, will be asked to wear Khadi once a week. Saxena, the director of Khadi Gram Udyog, said that he was planning to discuss this possibility with the government soon. He however added that it wouldn’t be made mandatory, and will be left to the discretion of the employees.
According to sources, the officer also said that the sale of Khadi will increase tremendously if all the Central Government employees come forward to buy at least one dress and hoped that the employees wouldn’t oppose this.